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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sweet Treat Retreat!

Try saying that one three times ... slow, even.

Oh my but this was a short week and it seems my retreat time just flew by!  It was a picturesque drive to the Deep Creek, Maryland, resort.  Renea, Felicia and I were enjoying the view so much I forgot to take pictures!  Here's a pretty view:

But let me tell you the hair-raising part... We were driving up the mountain, noticing the pretty view, the little spouts of water coming out of the rock face, the livestock... and we noticed it was getting a bit overcast.  Then, out of nowhere -- fog!

eeeek!  I don't know how long we were driving through it... Renea (driving) was going "oh Lord oh Lord oh Lord" and I was going "I gotta get this for my blog I gotta get this for my blog!"  I'm not sure what Felicia was saying...

We finally came through the end of it, thank God... there's nothing like driving through fog on a mountain and only being able to see 5-6 feet in front of you, yeowww!  You would not believe how fast some of those cars were going.

After stopping for dinner, Renea, Felicia and I were the last ones to arrive, around 6 pm; it was only a 3-hour drive but it felt longer than that to me, maybe it was the anticipation of getting there!  And then, lots of sweet treats awaited at the reception that evening... take a look at the cake!

They're fabric!  Loretta made these scrumptious cakes for us, how creative is that!  And check out these donuts Lady Scrapbag herself (Carolyn) made:

Don't they look good enough to eat?  But don't - they're pincushions!

But that wasn't the end of the sweet treats, we also read the story we had written, and got a chance to see each other's sweet treat quilts:

Shirley's treats, above
I'm not sure who made the one below (Rosa, is that you?)

That's Loretta's below (she made the cake treats!)
Lots of quilts, but I only had three shots that are usable, my camera wasn't cooperating too well for some reason, a lot of blurry images.  Maybe it was the lighting in the room.

So that was Wednesday night, we started off with a bang!  I'll have more to share tomorrow...

Sew forth and sew on til later,


  1. What wonderful sweet treats! I just love the slices of cake pincushions - how clever and pretty.

  2. Very cute treats! And kind to the waistline too - lol!
    I am glad you finished your trip safely through all that fog - very scary!

  3. you are making me hungry. i am now mad that i didn't go.

  4. Thanks for sharing your crummy background ideas. I will definitely try it out on my next small quilt. Making small quilts is very fulfilling for me. I enjoy the process and completing the project in considerably less time than making a large quilt. Thus bringing complete satisfaction for me and lovely gifts for my friends and family.


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