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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Out with the old

Hi everybody!  Yesterday I showed some new wallpaper for the office pc; after calculating all the votes I decided to go with the kitties!  Thanks Sharon for your input!

Time to change the calendars again... has it really been a month since I turned them over??  Where did this month get to??   Here we go:

In the bathroom...

Above my pc - this one is called "Calvary" from a Walter H. Johnson painting... 

In the kitchen...

And finally, at the office; the caption says "A Future President and His First Lady."

What's on your calendar this month?

This month also marks the end of my driving to work, from now on I'll take the Metro which means running out the house at 5:15 a.m.  I usually drive December through March because it's cold outside!  Yep, I admit it.  So I walked 4 blocks to the Metro this morning to download some smart benefits to my card.  Down the escalator... 

and thru the tunnel

if I'd been thinking I'd have got a full shot of the mural on the right; it's pretty cool. 

And here we are, all loaded up and ready to go on Tuesday!  
I have to walk a fine line and download just enough to last me til June 2, because if I have a balance at the time I retire, I'll have to hand them the cash - and I don't wanna do that!  I had a balance of $42, and I put  $100 more on there.  There's still more in the system if I need it this month, which I probably won't because the way I figure it, I'll only go to the office 10 days this month.

I also got a new cordless/wireless mouse yesterday, which is an improvement over the old one!  I didn't have to load any software, there's no little mousey looking thing with a long tail that you plug into the back of the PC.  The little wireless USB for the new one is about the size of your thumbnail, no tail at all!  I just plugged it in and I'm ready to roll... how easy is that?  Things are looking good...

Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. I have my plain pocket calendar (budget/bill dump spot) and the quilt barn calendar. Love the watering cans - that would make a cute applique wallhanging.


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