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Sunday, April 10, 2011

bits and pieces

Thanks everyone, for your comments on my last blog!

Someone wanted to know if I designed my own banner - nope!  It was made for me by none other than Madame Samm, who's done quite a few of the makeovers you've probaby seen.  I think she's pretty fantastic!

I've been busy with last minute prep for my retreat, but I took a few minutes to make a few more bookmarks using african fabrics.  I like to use plain ole card stock for the middle, it gives just the right amount of stiffness without being real thick.

This is fabric I used to make the new batch:

I also pulled a few fabrics for my water-bearer piece:
I decided to use the medium sized picture... isn't that always the way?  It shouldn't take long to finish, but I have been known to change my mind midway through a project!

Well, yesterday we had the Cherry Blossom parade and streets were closed off all over the place, so I avoided downtown, yeowww!  Quite frankly I thought it was a bit too chilly at 10 a.m. to stand along a parade route, but hundreds of other people had a different opinion... whatever.  I took a few minutes (or hours) to do a little shopping out in Wheaton Plaza (technically "Westfield") at Old Navy and Bath & Body Works ... stuff I absolutely had to have  ;o)  It's all good!

That's it for now, have a great Sunday, sew forth and sew on... 

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