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Friday, April 1, 2011

Just a boring Thursday...

You ever have a boring day at the office, but you don't really mind?  That's how my yesterday was but hey, I'm not complaining.  I got a chance to stare into space for awhile --   Not!!

What I did get a chance to do is change out my wallpaper - big decision!  A lot of us used to get Webshots and we loaded up on desktop photos before they blocked it... oh man that was a disappointing day for me!  But I did manage to hold on to my pictures; they didn't uninstall the program, thank goodness.

These zebras are really pretty but I've had them up for about a month and I want to change it.

Shall I go with tulips?

or how about a nice arrangement??

this little bird is pretty...

somehow this stream looks more like summer than spring

HOT BUNZ, woot woot!!

or maybe some kitties?  What do you think?

But first, a REALLY important decision...

had to make my coffee!

Today I need to get a photo made so I can renew my passport, but it's so gloomy outside I might just wait.  I truly believe the weather affects how you look, and that picture will be on there for a long time!  Then I need to get a new cordless mouse, this one won't let me right-click.  Bummer.

Well, that's two "outside" things, the rest of the time will be spent inside, cleaning and working on a small quilt.  How will you spend your day (after you get off the blogs!)

Sew forth and sew on til later!

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  1. I like the kitties. I probably will be shoveling snow at some point - yes SNOW! Geesh Louise.

    I am handquilting a wallhanging today, mixed with some 2" square play. My machine hates to be ignored.


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