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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The care and feeding of a blog

Hi everybody, welcome to Wednesday!  In college we used to call it "international date night"; after I started working we would call it "hump night," as in "we made it over the hump."  Anyway.

Every now and then you'll probably see me making tweaks to my blog, even after 5 months.  I took off the comment word verification a few weeks ago because I thought  it probably wasn't necessary.  Then I noticed I was getting a lot of spamming messages. 

The odd thing is, they were always, always connected with the posting I did regarding the number of  rulers I have; I had named it something like "Rulers rule... unless they hide or abdicate."  I started getting vague comments like "I like what you say, here's my link." or "Some very interesting points, I share your view, see what others are saying."  There was always a link, which I never clicked on; I just deleted the whole thing.  Not to mention the viagara ads.  

I went in and renamed the posting, thinking the words "ruler" and "abdicate" used together might have alerted some kind of radical group.  No dice, I was still getting spammed.  So ... I've decided to reactivate word verification, I hope it doesn't inconvenience anyone!

On a happier note, I got my new chair set up, it took about an hour to put the thing together; it might have taken less time if I'd read the instructions better.  Anyway, now I can sit at my desk without having to raise the seat every 15 minutes, oh man that was a pain! 

And, because I think sometimes a blog without pictures is a "blaahg", here's the little wall quilt that hung in our room at the retreat a couple weeks ago:

I think it's just too cute!  They stuck the flag right in his pocket, it's not stitched down or anything.  That's it for now... sew forth and sew on til later.


  1. What a clever, cute little hanger. I would not have realized the flag was tucked if you hadn't mentioned.

  2. I tried taking word verification off my blog recently too. I got spammed twice in 24 hours. So...back on. It's really too bad it has to be that way.


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