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Monday, April 4, 2011

Is it Monday already?

Hi everybody, I hope you had a quilty weekend!  I finished up one small quilt I was dithering over, and cut out pieces for another one.  It's as if I get right down to the finish line, then balk!

Today is Monday, so I'll be working from home as usual but I heard that since we're facing a few budget cuts, I've been assigned a brand-new office - take a look!

I still have a door, but no window in it.

two monitors, yes!  Now I can work twice as hard

my printer and fax machine

somebody's nice parents...

They let me keep my fridge, thank goodness

my ergonomic chair

There's even a surge protector, these guys think of everything!  I can't wait to get back in there tomorrow.

And to think I was worrying about which new wallpaper to pick - things are looking up!


  1. That is just too funny! Thank you for a happy Monday morning.

  2. Those cardboard appliances should save on the electricity. Maybe we should get some for Japan...

  3. Linda, this is too funny! I love it. Happy Monday. Penny

  4. Hello Linda, this just cracked me up.
    you do have a wonderful sense of humor.


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