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Friday, April 8, 2011

In or out?? Yes or no??

Open or shut down?

As a government worker I'm as concerned as everyone else about the impending decision to either shut the federal government down tonight or grant another extension while they battle over the budget.  The first time they threatened a shutdown I "knew" it wouldn't happen, but this time my gut feeling is that it's for real.  The good news is, if we are shut down tonight, my agency has enough funds to keep operating until the 15th.  I think a shutdown is a really stupid idea, it won't just affect "federal workers" - there are a lot of peripheral businesses that depend on federal workers for their income such as eateries, the Metro, parking garages and so forth.

I was really concerned about my retirement date, as in how a shutdown would affect my uninterrupted time in service, but our HR office said my service would not be considered "interrupted" unless I had 6 months of leave without pay.  Which I don't have, thank the Lord for that!

When I applied for my passport renewal last Friday, she said it would take 4-6 weeks, now I'm hearing passports will be delayed if there's a shutdown. sheesh

Moving right along...

I tried my hand at making bookmarks, I think they're turning out sorta okay - I started with these fabric pieces and scraps:

I sewed the pieces together in a random pattern:
Then cut them into strips

  Here you're looking at the front and back view of a single piece. I'll trim, stitch around the edge, add embellishments and they're done!

I might do a tut on these later, they're pretty easy to make and I think they're kinda cute.  What do you think?

Well, today I'll be doing a lot of running around, starting with loc maintenance at 9:30.  But before that I need to head out to K-Mart and/or Target (do they open at 8 o'clock?) to get a pair of "quirky" pajamas for the retreat next week... the quirky ones I already have aren't ready for prime time!  Sometime after that I'll need to get a pillow form, maybe Hancock's will have something I can use. Also, I haven't gathered up all the stuff I'm supposed to take, I'd better get a move on, put them all in one place!

And sometime before I sleep tonight I simply MUST do my taxes, I don't know why I put it off every single year, knowing full well I HAVE TO file them by the 15th.

That's my plan and I'm sticking to it - have a great day everybody!


  1. A federal government shutdown will be no fun. Good luck to you!

  2. Everyone I know is concerned about the possible shutdown. I like the bookmarks. What did you use as stablizer? Penny

  3. I was blog hopping, and found your blog, WOW did you do your eat,sleep, quilt graphic? I would love to talk to you about it. bec24@comcast.net

    Thank you. your blog is beautiful!

  4. I'm concerned about a shutdown too. I mean come on, they need to do their job! We have to live within a budget, our government should have to too. A responsible budget. Sorry, I get a little heated on this topic. Love the bookmarks, very cute idea.

  5. Oh dear. This must be very hard on you emotionally! Hang in there and just keep quilting..the bookmarks are cute.


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