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Friday, April 29, 2011

Poking my head up

Hi everybody, thanks for your comments -- oh my, so many!  I recognize some people from their comments on my previous postings, thanks for the encouragement  ;o)

I had a Murphy's law experience Wednesday and Thursday, it can wear you out if you let it.  When I had no access to my internet Wednesday night, I thought for sure it was because of the tornados in our area.  But then I realized I could use my phone and they're both bundled together.  SO that led to a call to Verizon which lasted about 45 minutes (35 of that was responding to that syrupy voice that walks you through I don't know how many menus as if she can hear what you say, and ON HOLD listening to that stupid music they play).  To drag out a long story, the tech tested my internet connection and said it was working okay, so the problem was probably between the box and my PC.  His recommendation?  Get a new ethernet cable.  Now I ask you... if you haven't moved your PC or the box, haven't hooked up or unhooked anything... how can your ethernet cable just suddenly go bad?

Nevertheless, yesterday I bought a new cable and attached it... still no internet.  Now, if I may back up about three days... I got a new version of McAfee Monday evening.  Tuesday evening I was having problems with the settings, it kept telling me the real-time scan security wasn't working and my PC wasn't secure.  So I contacted McAfee and allowed a tech to remote into my PC to fix the problem - that lasted about 45 minutes to an hour.  So yesterday when my internet problem wasn't solved with the new cable, my other thought was the McAfee tech might have changed something, so I called them back yesterday and he walked me though reconfiguring my browser settings.  Long story short, it's working now, although he did recommend I get more RAM.

I'm quite annoyed because the Verizon tech could have done the same thing - they're my ISP, not McAfee!

Now, what does this have to do with anything?  nothing, I'm just poking my head up out of the mess of the last couple days.  Thanks for listening and have a good one.



  1. 121 responses!! Good thing I didn't comment on that one or my in-box would be overflowing.
    My computer is still off again - on again. That seems to be the new normal. Glad you got that one sorted out.

  2. Hi Julie, I'm flabbergasted! It just goes to show, people really love a pig ... or is it the giveaway? LOL

    Thanks for commenting, and if you like Petunia, go for it!


  3. Much as I hate this phrase ~ "been there, done that!" I do feel your pain. Wishing you luck with your techie issues. I really enjoy reading and seeing what you and your friends are up to!


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