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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Playing with my churn dashes

Three things to be happy about
(1) a large umbrella
(2) watching "Fixer-Upper" (although by now they're all re-runs!)
(3) a new movie release

On the Lancaster trip last week I bought more fabric to beef up my black-on-white stash for the little churn dash blocks, I'm not finding much locally.

I love that little Mickey & Minnie Mouse piece and I started not to get it because it's a one way pattern, sometimes they're tricky to use.

As you can see I bought it anyway!

When my eye landed on this little green print I was immediately reminded of the churn dash blocks, and I wanted it for the borders.

I put it back because the background color isn't really white - but when I went back and picked it up again I knew I better buy it!

I'll use it as the outer border, I think it'll look great on the finished quilt.

Since I need just over 50 more blocks to make the quilt, I grabbed some of the finished ones and sewed them together at random, just to see how they'd look.

Looking good!  I won't worry just now about balancing the "grey" area, or sewing all the one-way patterns the same way.

These little 9-patch groups can be flipped around if I need to.

That's it for now, sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. Finding black/white with the right density that you have in mind can be hard, especially white-with-black. Your wonky churns look great!

  2. I love those churn dash blocks. Your new B&W fabrics are perfect.

  3. I have been working on two black and white quilts and found some whites that are a bit off, but used them anyway and they are working together fine.

  4. That border print really was too perfect to leave behind - I think it'll be fine despite the slight difference in hue. And what a load of treasures you're finding for background prints. Love those cute little churn dashes!


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