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Monday, November 13, 2017

Playing catchup

Three things to be happy about;
(1) gorging on Hallmark channel Christmas movies
(2) catching up
(3) following a good plan

I do it every year; I've seen some of those Hallmark Christmas movies any number of times but I always find myself tuning in anyway.  They always follow one of three themes - girl meets boy through her job, is indifferent to him until she gets so full of the spirit of Christmas that - oh joy! - they fall in love.  Or girl leaves home, becomes a huge success, returns home, finds the spirit of Christmas and discovers - oh joy! - the boy she left behind is the perfect one after all.  Or girl has no Christmas spirit in her heart at all, goes to an obscure little town that's either called Christmastown or Christmasville where all the locals are laughing and jolly, helps them put on a Christmas show and - oh joy! - discovers she has the spirit of Christmas in her heart after all.

I watch that stuff every year!  I guess by now it's a tradition, eh?

Playing catch up on the Grandma's Kitchen sew along!

I had to take this shot to prove to myself that I'm actually getting some sewing done.  I've been so distracted lately with this, that and the other.

I'm using the Simple Folded Corners Ruler that I bought from Bonnie Hunter's shop a few months ago; trust me, it makes sewing accurate diagonal corners so much easier!

I always had trouble with sewing the "scant" or one thread to the right of the drawn line on those angled corners.  It was a good investment!

You have to "stay woke" though - one of these is not like the others!

I cut the corner at the wrong angle on one unit and created a spare for my parts department.

I refuse to call it a mistake - it's a spare to be used later.

So these are the new blocks I finished - Kitchen Table, Sticky Buns and Mending Basket, the latest one.

The one on top - Mending Basket - is my favorite so far.  When I started doing these I just chose some fabrics that were handy, which happened to be black, white, and red.  I added yellow/gold later but I think I like the ones without red a little better.

I'll be linking up with Pat Sloan's Grandma's Kitchen sew along page.  Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. These are such happy looking fabrics and your piecing is beautiful. Love the idea of spare parts! I have an abundance!

  2. I keep eyeing that ruler and asking myself if I really need it... (Though I usually find that after purchasing a ruler, I wonder what I ever did without it!)
    Will you make more red blocks, or just continue with yellow? Or throw in a green for a Grandma's Christmas Kitchen?

  3. What! No red! I'm shocked......spare parts department, I like that. Yup, I've got more than a few spare parts myself.


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