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Monday, December 19, 2016

Deep purple

OMG I'm dreaming of purple!  Would you indulge me for a minute??  Anybody remember?

Now for the real reason you're here  😉

Working on the Quiltville En Provence mystery, I'm collecting the smallest, tiniest, bonus triangles in history -- they're called pixie dust!

Pixie dust falls right in line after crumbs...

Some from Orca Bay, some from Allietare, some from Texas Tumbleweeds, some from Scrap Crystals ... you get the idea!

What to do with those tiny gems?  Why, you put em in a bottle - and I have 3 bottles of em!

Seriously though I finished all 80 of the step 4 units.

It's easier to keep track of how may you've done when you kit them up, then pin together in groups of 10 as you sew.

10 become 20, 20 become 60, and before you know it - you're done!

I like to include a lot of unrelated fun fabrics in my neutrals, little things you wouldn't think twice about if you saw them alone.

There's even some Christmas fabrics in the lineup, I like to mix it up!

So that concludes step 4, now I can get back to the remaining neutral 4-patches from step 1.

Getting there!  I'm linking with Bonnie's En Provence linky so you can see what everybody else is up to!

Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. Oh dear; I threw my pixie dust away! Smaller than 1 sq.in. is headed for the waste disposal. I love the variety of fabrics you're using.

  2. Oh, your neutrals are really fun! (So are your purples!)

  3. Looking good, love the pixie dust too!

  4. I well remember Donny and Marie, but not Deep Purple--LOL! I got a kick out of seeing that. Love your pixie dust, and seeing all your neutral prints.

  5. Love all your beautiful work and those crumbs r so cute in that jar.

  6. Love all your beautiful work and those crumbs r so cute in that jar.

  7. Oh yeah. I need to work on mine this week.

  8. used to love watching Donny & Marie as a kid! the fabrics look lovely in your blocks

  9. Do you just keep the pixie dust in the jars as a decoration?

  10. Sew much fun! I remember Donnie and Marie, but haven't heard that song before. The backdrop looks like a Bargello quilt!

  11. Donnie and Marie in matching twinkling jumpers, and pixie dust - unbelievable!

  12. I remember Donnie and Marie! So funny. Enjoy your mystery making!

  13. Wow -- does that ever take me back. My cousin had the biggest crush on Donny -- I don't think she ever forgave us when we took her Donny poster and put it on the dartboard......

    Pixie dust -- LOVE it!

  14. Your pixie dust reminds me of the story about finding a box in her mom's estate labeled "Pieces of string too small to save.".

    And I thought crumbs were small!


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