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Friday, November 14, 2014

Quilter's cruise!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) pure vanilla
(2) sales receipts
(3) dinner and a movie

Lovely, lovely time on the quilter's cruise last week!

We sailed from Galveston, Texas on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas - you always knew the day of the week because they changed this piece of carpet in the elevator daily.

I loved exploring the ship; this is a view looking down part of the Grand Promenade on deck 5.  It was just like being inside a large mall!

Look up... and up... and up!  Elevator lobbies on decks 7 through 11 - impressive!

On Monday and Tuesday we had our classes while the ship sailed through partly stormy seas.  Fortunately the foul weather they were predicting before we left, didn't affect us too too much!

Rough sea on Tuesday though - ask my tummy how I know!
Monday and Tuesday we had four half-day classes - Pam Holland showed us how she gets dimension in appliqued pieces to make them more interesting...
Pam Holland
 Kim Diehl taught a wool project...
Kim Diehl
It was a lovely piece and she does beautiful work, but I don't think wool is my thing right now.  The other classes were an embroidery class by Catherine Redford and a quilt by Bonnie Hunter (no pics!), with quick projects and lectures in the evenings.

First day in port - Roatan, Honduras!  The ship was welcomed by this group of dancers...

musicians at the port 
The locals are always glad to see cruise ships come in because they depend so much on our money. 

We opted for a tour of the island by one of the tour guides on the pier; he took us around the city, up in the mountains to the highest point of the island...
I thought I'd try a fresh coconut milk...

It was good!  I just now noticed the dribble from the shell, LOL.  He ran out of straws.

Our guide told us there is no welfare in Honduras; basically if you don't work, you don't eat unless someone brings you food.  If you get sick and can't afford the hospital, you can literally die from an illness that in the US can easily be treated with our readily available medicines.

What's in a word?

In Roatan we were looking for a "drug store" (can you say "CVS"?) and were directed to a farmacia.  Well, surprise - they only had pharmaceuticals!  No shower caps or mouth wash.

I got some great quilt seeds, though...

After our two hour tour, we scuttled back onboard the Navigator for lunch at our favorite lunch spot, the buffet at the Windjammer!

Then we lounged around the pool til dinner...

ahhhh, a cruise.....

That's all for now, I'll try to compress the remainder of the cruise into one more post!  Sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. It seems to me you were only just retiring a few years ago. I see you are making the most of all the time now that it is yours. Glad it was a goodie!

  2. What fun -- your pictures really seem to capture the feel of things. Love the "quilt seeds". Looks like you had fun.


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