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Thursday, November 13, 2014

More quilt show goodness!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) bottled water
(2) finishing a good novel
(3) blowing bubbles

If you haven't seen yesterday afternoon's post be sure to check it out, I showed lots of red and white quilts displayed in honor of the festival's ruby jubilee!

I believe this quilt may have been the most photographed one at the festival - everybody wanted to document their presence at this hallmark show!

*Disclaimer - The quilt is actually longer than it appears here; I Photoshop'd it to shorten it a bit  ;o)*

Renea and I arrived in Houston on the afternoon of October 30; our first day at the show was the 31st (Halloween) where we saw lots of vendors and show-goers dressed in their Halloween finery - why did I not get pictures???

However, as Eleanor Burns demonstrated a ruler at her booth, I did get a shot of her fun t-shirt  - "Witch and Famous"

I don't think I've ever been to a quilt show that didn't have at least a couple Baltimore album-type quilts - and they're always gorgeous!

Here are some fun quilts... I don't know what the display was actually named, but I think these are imaginative!

Everything is made with fabric, including the utensils!  There were more than 12 food-related quilts displayed on this table - clever!

From the Life After 40 exhibit - this one is named "Men Don't Make Passes..."

These two caught my eye because they're so realistic - check out the reflection on those shoes!

This one won the Superior Threads Master award:
love it!!

You know I love houses - in any form!


Sweet elephants!


We didn't see every quilt displayed at the festival, nor did I take pictures of every quilt I saw, nor have I posted every picture I took.  After awhile, after you've seen so many, they start to look alike for some reason, you know what I mean?  Beautiful show though - I hope I gave you a good representation of what was there!

My pal Renea - we walked 8 miles that first day - whew!

There were dozens of vendors, from fabric to quilting machines to garments to shoes and books and notions and jewelry - you name it! We definitely have to do it again, there's nothing like the Houston festival and we had a blast!

Stay tuned for cruise tidbits tomorrow - sew forth and sew on til then!

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  1. It looks like Renee and you had a great time at the show. I hope next year that I will be able to attend. Great pictures.


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