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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Out, about, and back in

Three things to be happy about
(1) drippy wax candles
(2) the smell of coffee brewing
(3) warm fuzzy slipper socks

This is what my sidewalk looked like yesterday morning - the wind was blowing, people huddled in their coats walking fast - b-b-baby it's c-c-cold outside!

The crack is courtesy of the earthquake we had a few years ago; they should've given that bad boy a name!

It's disturbing that it heads directly towards my house, I don't in any way believe it stopped at the steps.

Out and about ... I started my stops at a church in Northeast, where Noah's Ark Ministries distributes bread on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  The bread is free, but they do accept donations to help the ministry.

As far as I can tell, the bread is delivered to the church in a box truck where volunteers lay it out to be picked up.  A number of people get van loads of the bread and redistribute it elsewhere.

Next stop - Costco!

I had to return some noise cancelling earphones which didn't work as specified ... oh well!

While I was there I picked up a few items, among them some mixing bowls that were on sale and coffee...

I like my Keurig coffee maker but the coffee can be a bit expensive, do you agree?

But I like the Donut Shop coffee and I'll buy it every now and then.  My rule of thumb though - I won't pay more than 50 cents a cup for any of those coffee pods.  Sometimes you can find Folgers and Maxwell House on sale at Target.

Are you bored yet??

Here's a biggie - a stop at the Honda dealership!

For awhile I've needed a new driver side wiper blade and I kept putting it off... well, Monday it rained so hard I could barely see!

I stopped at the Advance Auto Store - according to their little automated thingy, the blades I needed would have cost $25 for the driver side and $15 for the passenger.  And I still wasn't sure it's what I needed!  So, I went directly to the source - Honda - for their input.  Big surprise, I didn't need an entire new blade, just new inserts - at $6.99 each!

Okay, time to stop fooling around out there - back home to lunch and "the third quilt!"

I got back on this one yesterday afternoon and it's mostly quilted now; I should be able to finish it up today, including sewing on the binding.


Somehow when I started this some time ago the edge of the backing got caught up in the quilt, ugh!

Luckily it was at the edge, I just needed to pick out a little bit, it can be fixed without a problem.

The quilting on this one won't be show quality, but will Elyse mind?  I think not!

That was my yesterday; today will be finishing up the last quilt and maybe drawing some half-square triangle sewing lines on my Texas Tumbleweed squares.  Do something creative today, sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. I had a run-around day yesterday too - wanted to be prepared in case that Lake Affect that has hit BUfflalo (5-6 feet of snow!!) is coming our way. I have done that back-sewn-in oopsie too - urgh.

  2. I hate when I catch any part of the back in the quilting. Glad that yours was on the edge...much easier to unpick and fix that. And no, Elyse won't care about the quilting; she's just gonna love the quilt!


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