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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Digging in

Three things to be happy about:
(1) getting it done
(2) The Andy Griffith show re-runs
(3) novelty lunch boxes

A lady can change her mind, right?  Yep!

I kept looking at the fabrics I pulled for the quilt we'll make on the Alaska cruise, and the more I looked at them the less I liked the "look."  They're all pretty fabrics, but somehow they didn't have enough texture or whatever it takes to make a really scrappy quilt.  It would have been all very calm pinks and greens... I want to make sure I can shake it up a little!

So yesterday I was up to my elbows in my fabric stash and I went back to the original colors Bonnie made the sample quilt from - greens and blues and neutrals.  I think I'm going to like it because there's a lot more going on in these prints than there was in the batiks...

See how much different these are from the batiks?  I'm using scraps and it's so great when you can shop your stash for a quilt - I didn't have to buy a single piece!  I pulled a lot more fabrics than I need, so for maximum variety I'll limit each fabric to just one strip; if a piece is only 8" or 10" long, that's fine with me!

So the next few days will be spent pressing and cutting the fabric; I'm limiting the amount to just enough for one or two blocks of the quilt, I can finish it at home!

I've been having tiny shooting pains in my head so today I go for an MRI, a totally new experience for me that I'm not looking forward to....  I'm looking forward to getting it over and done with!   I already know I need to keep my eyes closed, I think I might be a bit claustrophobic and I don't want to freak out on the nice people.  While visiting Mexico in '82 we toured a pyramid in the Mayan desert... I was looking forward to seeing the inside of a pyramid, but as we were going in, through this little opening that was about maybe 24-30" wide, there was a lady coming out, sweating bullets and very red in the face - it was very hot inside there!  There was a line of us going in and we had to all back up to let this poor lady out.  After that, you couldn't get me inside there!  I didn't want to be inside something that I couldn't simply turn around and walk past someone to get out of, no way!  From that experience I suspect I may be a bit claustrophobic.  

So, for the MRI I know I need to close my eyes before I go in that thing and hopefully keep them closed for the 45 minutes or so that it takes.  I'll have my iPod and if I'm lucky I'll fall asleep.  Nuff said.  

So everybody have a great Wednesday, think happy thoughts for me, sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. I went to a very quiet Mayan ruins. I got to enjoy the inside of the pyramid all by myself. It was quiet, cool, and peaceful.

    I hope your MRI goes well and that you just relax and enjoy it.

  2. That is a lot of fabric you are going through. You are welcome to come over to my house and pick up some fabric if you like, just along as you put everything back for me. You have seen the mess. Will call you later about the MRI, just close your eyes and think happy thoughts. Cruise, fabric, Bonnie, fun.

  3. Batiks are 'blenders' - love the change you have made and will make for a more interesting block. I'm claustrophobic - but I have only freaked once in an MRI - they covered my head with some contraption. I can just close my eyes, they usually have headphone sets,tune out - and yes, I fall asleep. Good luck, hope all is well.

  4. Linda, I hope all goes well with the MRI and you find out what is causing the pain. I am not claustrophobic and the thought of laying in a tube with nothing to do but sleep sounds delicious! hahaha, I like to sleep.

    I don't think I have ever told you that I love, love, love, your list of 'things to be happy about'. What makes you happy usually makes me happy too. I am curious sometimes about some of the items, novelty lunchboxes?

  5. Linda, best wishes for today. I wasn't claustrophic, but as I get older it is becoming more apparent that I may have a touch of it. Ipod is good. I am jealous about the cruise and Bonnie...next year I am on that boat:)

  6. Hi Linda,
    I'm praying your MRI is okay! Hope those pains are anything to worry about. Let's agree in prayer for healing!!!

    I like your scrappy fabrics~ Love Scrappy!!!

    HEY...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Andy Griffith Shows~ The old black and white ones. I think I know them by heart! LOL I also love the old My Three Sons~ :) ♥♥♥

  7. I, too, have a tiny bit of claustrophobia so I'm sending you good & happy thoughts for your MRI. If you go in head first I think you're going to be fine. Hopefully your pains will be revealed and easily resolved. BTW....I'm now whistling the Andy Griffith theme in my head which I hope doesn't turn into an all day "ear worm". :)

  8. Hi Linda, by now your MRI is complete and you are back to selecting fabric and watching Andy Griffith! Enjoy the cruise. Can't wait to see what you made by the time you get back. I'm betting on nothing because you will be to busy with everything else exciting.

    -Linda S.


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