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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wicked progress and a new project

It was the 3rd of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day...
...the day Billy Joe McAllister jumped off the Tallahachee bridge...

trying to cool off, no doubt; it's already 85 degrees, feeling like 92.

I cross-cut and sewed together all the blocks for my Wickedly Easy quilt, now I have to square up the blocks and sew them together, yaaaaay! 

I have to finish the quilting on my Motown quilt, then bind it, and that too can be checked off my list.

Over on the 15 minute blog I joined the SOLID SEGMENTS challenge, which looks like loads of fun! 

We are to use solid fabrics and scraps to recreate a painting, looking at shapes, structure, color, and balance. For inspiration, I'll use this Matisse painting that Victoria posted.

I hardly ever buy solids, but I do have some in my stash that I can pull out.  Otherwise, it's a trip to you-know-where!

The challenge is due August 1st, so you'll be seeing my progress as I do my thing on this one.  I can't wait to get started ... AFTER I finish the Motown and Wicked quilts, of course!  (This gives me the impetus I need to put my nose to the needle, my toes to the treadle, feet don't fail me now!)

Sew forth and sew on and on...

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