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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The job's not finished til the paperwork's done

In this case, it's edible paper!  Edible paper on a cake!  Edible paper on a cake that also said "Happy Retirement Linda"!

At last I can share some photos from my retirement party last week; but when you think about it, a lot of photos of a bunch of people you don't know can be boring as heck.  So I'm showing my cake - isn't it great?  It was made by my team leader but the amazing thing is, I had no idea she was making the cake - and my clothing that day just happened to match it!  The star in the middle is made of icing, but the 6 strips (sashing!) around the center star are edible paper.

My team members provided all the food except for one dessert:
I opened the top and what did I see...

peach cobbler!

One of the cooks in the cafeteria, whom everybody calls "Ma-ma," is actually a culinary chef and she can make all kinds of fancy desserts.  Her talent is wasted there, but that's another story.  Anyway, she makes peach cobbler about twice a week and she knows I like it, so she made not one but TWO of these for my party.  woot woot!!

I brought some of it home with me - on a plate, on the Metro - and it didn't even spill!  Come to think of it, I divided it into four 1-cup containers and I still have 3 in the fridge... time to toss em out.

The other photos I would have shown are of me receiving my plaque, U.S. flag and letter, but I've shown those already - you don't need to see me grinning while they're being presented.

My team members put a lot of thought and effort into the party and I truly appreciate it.  I'm glad to be retired, though!  ;o)

Sew forth and sew on til later


  1. Lovely cake - I would have liked to see you receive your parting awards. And look at that last line - glad to be retired!!!

  2. It looks like you had a great party. I've never heard of edible paper. It must be made of sugar, right?

    I'm glad you're retired too and you aren't waiting to start the fun, you're already there.

  3. Oh, but Linda, we DO need to see you grinning. That cake is just too much! Edible paper, indeed!!

  4. Congratulations on your retirement! You will love it. I retired in 2003. Best decision I ever made.
    I wish you many happy years doing the things you like to do and spending time with those you love!
    Again congrats,
    Hugs from south Louisiana


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