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Friday, June 3, 2011

My trophies...

Thank you, thank you one and all for your congrats and well wishes on my retirement!  I like Quiet Quilter's idea of thinking "at this particular time of the day I would be doing ******* if I was still working." I'll especially be thinking it when the snow and rain storms come rolling in!

At my party on Wednesday I wanted to give away a small wall hanging as a door prize and boy did I mess it up!  Earlier that morning I chose a winner by the Excel random number thingy, and at the party everybody chose a number from an envelope.  Well, guess which number was the winner - #9!!  And guess what yours truly didn't think of doing to the numbers??  That's right, I didn't place a tiny little underscore beneath the 6 and the 9, so you can guess what happened... two people jumped straight up in the air and yelled "I won! I won!"   yikes. 

So, Pat and JoAnn (the winners) negotiated, and JoAnn graciously allowed Pat to take the prize.  Because Joey was so gracious about it, I decided to make her another one; she's a cat lover so I'll use this little clipart as inspiration for her's:

On a sad note, just as I was leaving work the office yesterday I was told that Joey was in a traffic accident on her way to work, and she was in the hospital with broken ribs and an erratic heart beat... so I really want to do something nice for her.

Also at my party Wednesday I was given the three "official retiree" things:

(1) a flag with it's "flight certificate" - mine was flown over the U.S. Capitol on March 31, 2011!  (It would have been nicer if they'd gotten my name in the right order, though.)  What were you doing on March 31, as my flag was being flown?

(2) a congratulatory letter from Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen. hmmm...  same deal with the name. 

Not to seem ungrateful, but I mentioned it to my [former] team leader (who so graciously arranged my retirement party!) and she offered to get it corrected.  I said "... well... since you're going to have it redone anyway, can you get it signed by Eleanor Holmes Norton?  Since I live in the District?"

(3) My third retiree thing was this beautiful plaque!
isn't that beautiful? 

And last but not least, Renea granted me a new CEO position...

which I will take up immediately!

Well, today I go to the Quilters Unlimited show at Dulles - I hope to run into Wendy and Penny!  I plan to leave home around 8:30, oh how I hate driving I-66 (it's no kick, believe me).

Sew forth and sew on til later...


  1. I hope your friend recovers quickly. Love the CEO button! Have fun at the show!


  2. Congratulations on your retirement!
    It's nice to be appreciated even if they don't get your name exactly right.(Yeah, tell 'em to try again).

  3. Soon you will get to the point when work no longer enters your mind. For the first time in the last 41 years, you can now do what you like -------------- REALLY!

    Hugs - Marie

  4. Well Ms LInda...sew glad to hear your day is finally here. and yes retirement is everything you expected and more...I know it has been 2 yrs for me and I still wake up thinking I have to go somewhere...all the best...41 yrs in one place is to commended..

  5. Just wait, pretty soon you'll wonder how in the world you had time to go to work!

  6. Linda congratulations again on your retirement. It was good to see you today. I hope you enjoyed the show. I thoughts are with your former coworker. Let's keep in touch. Penny


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