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Monday, June 27, 2011

Back on track

Three things to be happy about:
(1) This
(2) That
(3) The other

Hi all, I'm back on track in two areas - I finally got a monitor I can live with, yaaaay!  It's a 23", which is the first size I chose, but it's also a Gateway, which is the brand that came with my PC in the first place.  I'm happy enough.

Second area, I got back on track with my Solids Challenge ... it occurred to me that I'm not trying to recreate the painting - I'm being inspired by it!  After that epiphany [notice the big word!], I could move just a little bit out of the box I had put myself into. 

For a reminder, here's the Matisse I'm using for inspiration:

Here's my first attempt:

It looks nothing like the painting, right? This little piece is what you see through the doorway... the middle part.  I'm using the colors and generally picking up some of the shapes.  And also notice that, for my pieced version, I rotated it counter-clockwise!  That black strip next to the two yellows is a wee bit wider than I meant, but what the heck, it's art!  I'm an artiste while I'm doing this one, so I get to take artistic license.

At this point the first area is about 8" wide; to meet the challenge, the finished piece will be 15". I'll add more blues, reds, maybe some orange and more black in there someplace.  Some white and/or off-white too.

I thought about changing to a Kandinsky because his work has so much movement, but I think I'll hang with Matisse and challenge myself to work with this one - doing it my style! 

So forth and sew on til later


  1. Wow, those colors are right on!Hang with the Matisse.

  2. You are indeed an artiste!! But then, WE already knew that!! I love the angles and movement. Go for it!!

    Deb from clutteredquilter.blogspot.com

  3. awww you guys! thanks for the encouragement!


  4. I love the colore. A very good interpretation of the painting..


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