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Friday, February 25, 2011

Where I live, from 9 til 5

Actually, since I work 10-hour days I live there 6:15 til 5:00 - here's my clock to prove it:

I hung this quilt just outside my office:

The walls are metallic(?) so they're great for hanging my quilts with those magnetic clips.  I made this wall hanging as a challenge when I was a member of PM Patchwork guild.  I named it "8th Hour" because I was rushing to finish it "not quite" at the last minute - not at the eleventh hour but pretty close!  This was one of my first quilts; if I were to do it today I'd do a few things differently, though.  

These two little ones are in a corner of my office:

You've seen the butterfly before, but I don't think I've ever shown the one on the right.  It's a simple arrangement of a square-in-a-square (or diamond-in-a-square).  An attempt long ago to use up some of my scraps, not knowing the unspoken rule about scraps - that they multiply when you use them!

And here's a view out my window -

It was quite overcast yesterday, so you really can't see too much in this shot.  There's a duck pond with a fountain, a little snow on the ground, plus the added attraction of the reflection off the window!  Those parking spots are reserved for visitors and moms (and dads!) dropping off their kids for daycare; employees park in the garage beneath the building.  If you look really really close at the bottom of the shot, reflected off the window, you'll see part of my Altoids tins collection.  It's quite extensive - I'll show you those another time.

Well, today is loc maintenance day, sew forth and sew on...


  1. Holy Cow! How do you ever find time to quilt!Love all those quilty touches in your office.

  2. I love the one that looks like a postage stamp..is that what that is....gives me a thought lol...
    great shots..

  3. Good morning early birds! That butterfly is a stamp done for my guild's butterfly challenge a couple years ago - I used a nickel to draw the half-circle cutouts. I found that pretty butterfly on the web, I'm not sure what kind it is; I named it Butterflius Challengus.

    And Julie, sometimes it's difficult to sit and sew after sitting behind a desk most of the day!


  4. Linda, I think most of us would do our first quilt differently now if we had the chance. But that's okay. I simply adore your first quilt, and while I'm sure you could make it more dazzling now, it's so pretty as it is. It's a
    "marker" of how you were then, in your tastes and your ability, and allows you to see your current quilts with far more appreciation rather than critique. As in "look how far I've come!".

    And now I'm going to go look at your previous post, which I was trying to get to all day long yesterday, and kept getting side tracked! : D

    ~ Ronda

  5. Linda,

    Your retirement meter says 98 days and counting down! Wow! I look forward viewing your blog after retirement when you can reclaim those 10 hours for your own creative endeavors.


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