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Friday, February 18, 2011

Border decisions

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a tissue when you need it
(2) complimenting yourself
(3) making a to-do list

I definitely need a tissue right now... the temp is pushing into the 70s today and it feels very humid right now, which is affecting my sinuses.  Definitely jacket weather!

I've been poking at my Brown Bag quilt, and I discovered I don't like some blocks I made (see them here)... but the fabric is used, so I have to re-purpose it.  I took one apart and incorporated it into a border block:
See that strip right in the middle?  I like it better in it's new home!

I decided to use a panel I made as a stand-alone piece (see it here) rather than creating a bigger wall hanging ... trying to decide on a border treatment.  I like the idea of the skinny inner border and I like that particular fabric, but I can't decide on an outer border:
I have a large collection of ethnic fabrics in my stash, so something should call out to me!

Then I tried it with just the one border, only wider:

But I think it needs a little more color; this looks a bit boring to me!  If I go with the black-and-white inner border, I'll try something with a bit of yellow, red ... maybe a bit of orange or even a pieced border.  We'll see! 

Well, today is a going to be a running around day... I need to get my car washed, I can't put it off any longer, the birds saw to that!  Then meeting Judy at the Container Store at 9:00 to pick up fabric, to my doctor at 10:00 for a check up and blood draw (I want my coffee!!).  After that it's on to iHop for breffus (no pancakes, I promise!), then to JoAnn's or Hancock's for poly stuffing since I have a coupon.  And since I'm already out that way, to Costco for a few items.  Then ,on the way home I might swing by Greater Harvest bread company to get something for tomorrow's guild meeting.   Maybe  ;o)

That's my day, I hope yours is a good one!


  1. I like the wider border. Maybe it just needs little slivers of color pieced into it.

  2. This is so cool - I read your blog all the time and enjoy your lists and creative side.

  3. Thanks for the idea, Wanda; I hadn't thought about cutting the dark fabric and repiecing it. I only thought about adding a second border... charge it to my laziness!

    Vrooman, thanks for being a constant reader :o)


  4. wider border is good..I like that..very what is the word...off the top of my head...I can;'t think of it..lol.. but I like it lol


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