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Friday, February 11, 2011

A crummy background?? Nah... just interesting!

Thanks everyone for your comments on my brother's magazine interview, that means a lot to me!  After retiring from the Army, Wimp dabbled in art illustration a bit, just for fun.  Lafon completed his service in Kentucky and Ben, 101st Airborne, was stationed at Ft. Bragg where he was a Jumpmaster.  He once told me he loved his job because he liked pushing the new recruits out of the plane.  Whatever...

This is a little lap quilt I use sometimes when I'm working at the computer, it gets a bit chilly in the room I work in.  It's a bit frayed around the edges because they've been "loved off."

Does it look sort of familiar??  Just saying! ;o)

I started piecing the yellows for my brown bag quilt... some crumbs and some strings in there, I've been trying to use them all!  It doesn't look like much at this point but it'll come together.

Sure are bright, aren't they?  In the photo they look a bit lemon-y, but I threw in some almost-gold pieces.  Dots, flowers, stars, doodles, swirls... and I know I saw a baby bottle in there someplace!

Well, I'm off to gas up the car... I have a $50 in my wallet and a couple $5's... I hate giving those folks a $50 bill when I buy gas, it sort of makes a statement about the ridiculous price they charge.  But, I have to have gas.

Have a great day everybody!


  1. If my car is really empty, I don't get much change from a $50 bill so sometimes have to use one!

    I am glad to see the original quilt..I scrolled up and down several times to be sure..very good rendition of the quilt.

  2. All those yellows are looking sunny and very cheerful.
    Be glad you aren't filling that gas tank in Japan!


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