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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another fun guild day!

What a fun day we had at guild meeting yesterday!  There's always a very high level of energy in our meetings, everybody has a great time.  The only blip on the day was the power failures - and wildfires - caused in part by the very high winds.  There were wildfires yesterday!  Wildfires just don't happen in the DC area.  I could smell the smoke when I got home last night.

Because of the power failures, we weren't able to use our sewing machines but that didn't keep us down!  I  shared lots of fabric from Judy at the Container Store.  And this is just what would fit on the table!

In a comment on my post yesterday someone mentioned she didn't know the Container Store sold fabric -- nope, they don't!  One day about a year ago I went to purchase bins for my fabric and I got talking with an employee (Judy), mentioned I'm a quilter and needed a certain style for my fabric.  She said she was also a quilter!  At that time she had some extra stuff she didn't need and offered it to me, which I took to the guild.  Then, last Wednesday she called me - a year later! - and offered me more stuff.  It turns out she'd moved into a smaller place, wasn't quilting anymore, and wanted to free up that space.  So, ta daa!  Lots of fabric to share with my guild buddies.

After the meeting a bunch of us went to The Fabric Peddler for the new BOM kick-off.  This year The Fabric Peddler's BOM is In the Beginning designed by Debra Gabel.  Don't pass up these beautiful blocks! On the Fabric Peddler site, click on Quilt Patterns - BOM and order yours!

If you've been to a quilt show lately chances are you've seen kits for those gorgeous postage stamp quilts?  Well, Debra is the designer.  I didn't get a great shot of this one. 

Her new book, Quilt Blocks Across America, just came out (check it out at http://www.zebrapatterns.com/).  I grabbed one - it comes with a CD and I like it that you can mix and match the patterns.  For example, I can remove the dogwood blossoms from the North Carolina background and substitute the cardinal from Ohio!

After the demo we all bought fabric that we just had to have!  OMG Nadine just got in a shipment of Aborigini fabrics that will make you drool!!  I don't know if it's on her site yet, but you should check anyway.  :o)

After all that "hard" work -- general hilarity at the guild meeting, great demo by Debra (and shop-til-you-drop) at The Fabric Peddler -- it was time to eat!  Eight of us trekked over to the Outback for more girlfriend fun.  I had the tilapia...

Pat had shrimp and Felicia had the lobster tails.

These ladies are nuts!  Felicia had nabbed some of Nadine's home-baked brownies from the Fabric Peddler that she coaxed our waiter (Andre) to try -- then she told him there was something "special" in them!  There wasn't, of course, but you should have seen the look on his face!

Well, that was my Saturday, all-in-all it was a quilty-guildy day.  I've said before it's always great getting together with my guild buddies, yesterday was no exception!  This afternoon I'm off to Yetunde's house to test-drive a doll class she's teaching soon at my Bee, then the guild.  

Sew forth and sew on til later! 

Blogger is acting unctious this morning, so you'll have to do with my "plain" name -



  1. So you roam from location to location on your guid day, that sounds like fun.

  2. And a good time was had by all! Thanks for the pictures..

  3. It sounds like a wonderful time, I enjoyed the trip with you by your photos.

  4. It's a bonus that one of our members owns The Fabric Peddler...after every meeting a few of us usually goes to her shop to see what's new, sit and sew, load up on fabric, or eat her home-made goodies, LOL.

    I have a few show n tell photos that I didn't post; that's one of my favorite parts of guild meetings.


  5. Looks like you had a great day.

    Thanks for clarifying the Container store fabric thing. I thought I was shopping at the wrong store.


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