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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My "crummy" background is coming together!

Four things to be happy about:
(1) drinking coffee from a bowl
(2) everyday heroes
(3) fondue with toasted bread
(4) preparing a special present

First a correction!!  In my last post I showed a lap quilt with this text:

This is a little lap quilt I use sometimes when I'm working at the computer, it gets a bit chilly in the room I work in.  It's a bit frayed around the edges because they've been "loved off."

Does it look sort of familiar??  Just saying! ;o)

Just to be clear, when Madame Samm created my banner, she didn't model it after a quilt I own!  The design for my banner came 100% from the ideas in her head, the kindness of her heart, and the talent in her fingers!  When I showed my quilt it was to reinforce why I'm still in awe when I see my banner.  She had no way of knowing that I even use a lap quilt when I'm working, or the color, or the way I wore my hair ... I tell you it's truly amazing!  :o)
* * * * * *

And now, to the "crummy" part of my post! 

I pieced the blocks I showed earlier into bigger blocks and even bigger blocks to make a large block for the background of my brown bag quilt:

It still doesn't look like much but better days are coming, LOL.  That's all I'll show on this one for awhile, have to wait til it's prettier!

Last year I participated in a shoe block swap, here are a few of the ones I got:

what's not to like about these cute ballet slippers!!?

and this slipper... tres magnifique!

this shoe was made for serious partying!

I did this one; that's netting around the top.

Sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. I read your comment on Sew I Quilt blog....about sewing on a singer touch and Sew. Is that really what you sew on? I have one, got it when I turned 15 which was many many years ago. It doesn't run anymore. Looking for someone to give the parts to. Need parts for your's? email me at mimiandalan@msn.com if interested. Parts are free.Just pay for shipping.

  2. Those shoes are fabulous. Your writing is fantastic. Your quilt art is terrific. And by gosh, that banner by Madame Samm is amazing. I am happy to have discovered you. Keep it going.


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