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Monday, September 1, 2014

Oh my, where has she been??

Lazy.  I've been just plain lazy  ;-o)

One day without blogging leads to another, leads to another, leads to another, til I was chastised by a couple of my friends!


Three things to be happy about:
(1) a glass of ice water
(2) shower-damp sin
(3) the smell of fresh sawdust

I've been piecing string blocks again!  This time I wanted to use the 6-1/2" square on my GO cutter just to do something different.  That is a very large size for strings, kinda awkward to use (ask me how I know!).

I had a few false starts (I'll show these later) on using that size square, then I saw a quilt on Pinterest that stirred my juices.  I want to give credit to the maker of that quilt which I found through a series of links, but I didn't write down the info.

As usual I used the yellow pages for a foundation, cutting the papers at 7 inches because of the GO cutter.  For the one block I finished, I made 4 units with all darks (I know, there's a light strip in there!) 4 with neutrals and lights, and 8 with half dark and half neutral/lights.

I started building the block from the inside out, on my design wall ...

looking good!

When I got all the units in place I stitched them together in pairs, then rows.  I had to go slowly, those strings were stretchy stretchy!!

Finally, the finished block --
A very large Ohio star variation.

With the subunits being a 6 inch square, this block finished at a whopping 24 inches!

I like this stringy star, I'm thinking it won't take much effort to make a full sized quilt out of these because the blocks are so large...

I have an idea about the setting, I'll have to map it out and decide how many of these stars to make.

When I make my other blocks I'll remember to keep the string sizes down to less than two inches, and make sure the separation between dark and light is clearly defined in the star point units.

I'll share more later, sew forth and sew on til then!


  1. I love this. When I do these blocks I keep my strips no larger than 1.5" and before removing the papers I do a baste stitch 1/8" around the block to help with 'stretching'.

  2. Oh I do love that block ... and yes, I have been missing you. Glad you are fine and keeping out of mischief.


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