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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

More stringy-star progress

Three things to be happy about:
(1) fruit dumplings
(2) udderly sMOOth cream (non-greasy; better than bag balm in the green container)
(3) Trident sugar-free gum

My procedure went well yesterday, thanks everyone for your well wishes and good thoughts!

I had to laugh at myself, though.  Safeway has this 13 oz. chicken broth on special for 88 cents and I got three of them.  After I drank one at breakfast (tasty, by the way!) I thought I'd better get some more in case I didn't have enough "stuff" in the house to last all day - so I went back and got 7 more!

Throughout the day I only drank one more, so now I have 8 (EIGHT!!) containers left over!  Oh well, I have until October 2015 to use em...

Does that remind you of how you sometimes buy fabric, then buy some more??  Reminds me of someone "who shall be nameless" who thought she didn't have enough fabric for the September hop and went into overdrive, LOL.  Okay, okay I'll whisper her name: The Slow Quilter.

While waiting for the fun to start on Monday I was still piecing string blocks...
That's a lotta blocks!

I've already done three stars and I have enough in that pile to make three more but not enough of the right combinations...

I'm doing a 3x3 layout, which will give me a 72x72 center, then I'll add borders to size er up.  Yep ladies - there will be some RED somewhere in that border!  I can just see it!

Need something like 5 more stars, I think...  

Meanwhile I'll just keep sewing away til I get the number of string blocks I need to make it happen!

Sew forth and sew on til then!


  1. You have a lot of low volumn fabrics! String away - this will be lovely.

  2. Happy to hear the everything went well. My turn is coming up soon. I am currently de-stashing. Selling some things that I know I will never use. My quilting vision has changed and evolved over the years, so I am moving on and not holding onto stuff. I think she who will remain a whisper is funny. I hope she was able to get everything she needed. I am liking the string stars very much.

  3. I was going to ask about the red.......


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