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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cutting for a cruise

Three things to be happy about:
(1) bicycles on wet pavement
(2) the shape of an egg
(3) good health

When I saw these chopsticks in the dollar store the other day I thought they'd be just the thing for pushing my fabric through the needle.

The tip is a little too large to get really close up to the needle, so they won't do everything I need, pffft!  I guess I'll still have to use the skewers I get at the grocery store!

They're pretty, though...

I started cutting my fabric for the Caribbean cruise coming up in just a few short weeks!

I'm only cutting 72 of the 288 neutral and colored squares, and 2-1/2 x 4-1/2" bricks.

All 36 of the colored bricks (out of 144) are cut, just need 40 more squares and they'll be ready! Confused yet?

Nice mix of fabrics in this group!  During the cruise we're making "Texas Tumbleweeds," from Bonnie Hunter's More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  I've been wanting to make this quilt, I'm glad she chose it for the cruise.

I pulled a lot of strips from my precut 2-1/2" box, thank goodness for the scrap user's system!  At this rate I may as well cut out the entire quilt, eh?

And now speaking of cruises, here's something I saw on Facebook that I thought was so cute - enjoy!

Sew forth and sew on til later!

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