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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

False starts, or quilt seeds?

Three things to be happy about:
(1) school buses in the morning
(2) the colors blue and yellow
(3) busboys and poets

I just discovered this channel, Centric, that's probably been there a long time, but I just discovered it!  Anyway, they were re-showing the mini-series Roots all day yesterday starting at 9:00 am, and I wanted to watch it all the way through.  I went out for a little while but I watched almost the entire series til they ended at midnight.  I actually met Alex Haley after the book but before the mini-series; I thought he was a very nice, personable man.

While working on my 6-1/2" string blocks the first idea I had didn't pan out as expected, but here's the process.

I cut two 1-1/2 x 6-1/2" and two 1-2/2 x 8-1/2" strips for the border.

My idea was to treat the string block as a log cabin style block.

Bordering the string block also stabilized the edges, so that was a win-win!

Except... I didn't like how it turned out.

I used 1" strips in scrappy colors and finished with a white and black outer border - nope!

I made a second block but this time I used black as the inner border...


The third time I went at it a bit differently!

I started with 1" strips for the inner border and used a range of 3/4", 1" and 1-1/4" strips for the surround.  Better than the other two, but no cigar!

I finished off with strips large enough to make a 16-1/2"(?) block.

 Can these blocks be saved???  I was bound and determined to use 6-1/2" string blocks for something, trying to stretch my stringy wings as it were...

I won't just toss these away, I've heard it that the quilt police roam up and down the alley behind quilters' homes and search their trash!

Can this be the start of a quilt?  Or are they better used as fodder for an art quilt?  Thinking, thinking...

While I'm thinking, sew forth and sew on!


  1. You can cut them up and reorganize the pieces. Sort of like a disappearing nine patch, but no rules. Just add whatever you need.

  2. Since you made your blocks so big (think that's where you got distracted), like Gene I would cut them up. But quarter them and then rearrange - like a Bento Box style.

  3. Love the Bento Box approach - NOT the trash can.


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