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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More quilt show pictures

I was really in love with this appliqued quilt! 

The details are enough to draw you in for a closer look and then keep you staring at it for a very long time; no matter how long you look, you always see something different.  The colors and blocks all say "scrappy!"

The shading in the leaves of this happy little flower block is very pretty; the quilting gives it lots of texture!

I love houses and this one is so cute.  Check out the siding, they look like miniature logs!

I could have stared at this one all day.

How many spools can you see?  Tall, short, fat, vertical, horizontal - they're all in there!

And here's an art quilt I was inspired by...

lots and lots of strips with different fibers woven in...
I've never tried coaching before; this would be a great project to try it on a large scale!

Red sneakers and a blue bird...

interesting quilting on both of them!

Well that's enough for now!  Today I tackle my sewing room again... gotta clear out the mysterious bags under my cutting table.  Have a great Tuesday, sew forth and sew on til later


  1. Couching threads can be fun. I have only done it on small art quilts.

  2. ooh, I'm with you. The house quilt is my fave out of those. I love how the artist used the pencil fabric to make it a log house. Clever!!!!!!

  3. It certainly does appear to have a very wide variety of work at that show... a little something for everyone.
    Good luck with your sewing room.

  4. There are so many beautiful quilts out there. Some are so lovely with so much detail that they make you want to spend hours looking at them. I could have spent hours with the house quilt.


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