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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Silent Sunday

5-minute block


  1. How funny - I am working on some samples with the 5 and 10 minute blocks from this tutorial and the books - a presentation for our next month's guild meeting.

  2. My friend and I started a quilt using this block at a retreat. It took us three hours to make the first couple of blocks. We cut them all out as squares and the squares just didn't work. Then we had to cut them all out again as rectangles. We had a heck of a time get the points to match up. The finished quilt is lovely - a gift for my boss who was retiring - but not the most professional job either of us have done. I suppose if we had the book we might have fared better.

  3. Love the 5-Minute Block. I'm a process person and any new quilting plan is right down my alley. I have to share this with my Bee.


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