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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Making it GO!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!  I hope you get lots of hearts and flowers on this special day - it must be nice (I wouldn't know).  Today is also a special GO day for the cruisers on the Carnival ghost ship, I understand they'll be getting home today, yaaaay!

I've been wrasslin' just a wee bit too much on this little baby quilt, but now I can say the flimsy is done!  In an attempt to just get on with it, I put this black and white alpha border on...

I got some great advice from Sharon at Vroomans Quilts about dividing the center (thanks Sharon!), so I took the borders off, made off-center slashes, and added a dark blue sash. 
After I bordered the whole piece I was thinking I should have bordered the center block, but too late - I was on my way outta there!

I added a green outer border...
this looks like a done deal to me!  I didn't want to make a meal out of this little quilt, lest the recipient have to pack it into his college gear.  Although the center would  have looked better slashed in regular slices.  I must have been in one of my creative moods... whatever.

The family has a dog but I think Nicholas will have fun looking at the playful monkeys, whilygigs,

apple pies, stars, puppy prints, chickens, dots... sew forth and sew on.

I'll be participating in a fun die cut scrap-along sponsored by Ebony at Love Bug Studios.  This is just the thing to use my new GO cutter and it starts April 1, check it out!

Have a great Thursday, be careful on the ice if you have any.  Sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. It just needed that little pop and I like the green final border to even it all out. I am sure it will be loved.

  2. Now if I'd been a better blogger friend I would have sent you some chocoate covered strawberries today....maybe next year! I think the baby quilt came out very cute and will get lots of loving. The green border is perfect.

  3. Oh I know it will be well loved. I love all the fun squares! The color and shapes made me smile. I'm sure the recipient will smile, too!

  4. Okay, next year you will get flowers and chocolates or something, I promise. I love the baby quilt. I'm making one too and it's not very different than yours. Thanks for the info on the scrap-along, I think I'm going to do it too.


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