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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Instant grats

Grats, as in "gratification!"

Not much time for sewing yesterday what with laundry, the plumber, checking to see who the EMS people picked up down the street, watching the man deliver my neighbor's rain barrel, Verizon....  I've been having problems with hearing voices on my phone line --  nope, they really ARE on the line, not in my head!  Anyway I do have a wire maintenance plan, but before they scheduled someone to come out (after I went through about 10 minutes of voice prompts - hate those things!) a tech had walk me through all kind of changes unplugging my phones and plugging them back in.  Sheesh!

I wanted to continue the little log-cabin-like blocks I was making from scraps gifted to me by Charlene, just to get them off my cutting table.  I have four done so far, I think I'll make two more and call it done. 

I squared up the two on the right-hand side first at 9-1/2", no problem.  But when I finished up the red one (bottom left) I discovered the yellow border was a tat too large... so I used a 12-1/2" ruler.  I'll do something really clever to make them fit together.

On this block I wanted to show you the rust and green fabric that I bought from G Street Fabrics probably about 10 years ago.  They used to have a $1.99 bargain table that they often put "seconds" or overstock fabrics on and sometimes you got really really great stuff ... Patrick Loos, Kaufman, Free Spirit, Jan Mullen, Marcus Brothers - that rust and green is a piece of Alexander Henry fabric called "Keepers of the Tribe" - so gorgeous!  

About a ton of African fabrics went on the table on a Thursday... I found out about it on Saturday, woe is me!  There were very few cuts left, I took the entire piece of this one and had a jacket made.  The jacket is too large now but I won't be donating it, no way - I'll be "repurposing" the fabric in a quilt!

I have almost a yard of the fabric left, I'm still getting over the "it's way too pretty to cut up and if I use it, it'll be gone" syndrome.  I'll have to find something really special to use it on.  The color isn't as drab as it looks on the picture!

This past Monday we had another girls' day out to celebrate Felicia's and Carolyn's birthdays at Golden Corral - it was fun getting together with the ladies!  Here are a few pictures...

From the left seated at the table Linda (me), Sandy (quilts in color), Felicia (the Slow Quilter), Carolyn, Pat, Charlene.

Felicia and Pat playing games...

Carolyn, me, Felicia, Pat outside the restaurant - I didn't realize I look so dooflus in that red hat!  Sandy took the photo, Charlene was already in the car.

We really had a great time laughing, talking, eating, and people watching.  We're thinking of making it a regular movie and lunch outing - sounds like a winner!

That's it for now, have a great Thursday, sew forth and sew on...


  1. Time out with friends is the best excuse of all. Happy bunch!

  2. You ladies look like you have a lot of fun together!

  3. I love that rust/green block with the face in it. Really captured my attention. And a day out with the girls? It doesn't get better than that.....wait....was there chocolate involved? It doesn't get better than THAT!

  4. I think the red hat is cute! It's not doofus!


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