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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top half is done

Three things to be happy about:
(1) bringing the right clothes
(2) army-Jeep green
(3) skating on a frozen lake

We've had very un-December-like weather the last couple of days, so outdoor skating would be a bit risky.  Better do it inside!

Christmas quilt progress... I wanted the interior of the quilt to be at least 60 inches wide, then I can make up the final size with borders.  After I combined, shuffled and moved some blocks around I finally got the layout I liked for the top half (or so). 

I needed just 4 more inches to bring it to 60 inches wide - I didn't want to use just a strip of fabric so I decided on flying geese units.  Back to EQ I went for a 4-goose unit, which I printed at 4" wide by 8" long... I scotch taped four of those units together to get the 16 geese I needed.  It was very clumsy to work with, there's no easy way to sew this many flying geese units all connected!

Is this a long strip or what??

I haven't sewn the strip to the left panel yet (below) but it looks pretty good, I think.  I'll add a small piece of the gold fabric at the bottom of the strip, then I'll finally get a chance to make my houses!  I'll place a horizontal panel approximately 36 x 10 across the bottom, with at least three houses on it.  This will bring the height of that left panel to 46", so that it matches the panel on the right.

That gold looks a bit pale, doesn't it?  I didn't want to use red, or green, or brown, or a strip of patterned fabric - that particular area is busy enough!

After sewing the top half together I'll fudge and fiddle with the bottom til it comes out to 30 inches deep, more or less - then I'll be ready to add the borders!

Looks like I'll make that December 15th deadline with room to spare!

Enjoy your Wednesday, sew forth and sew on...


  1. Wow! This is really looking wonderful!

  2. You are doing some beautiful work here and so spontaneous! I love it.

  3. I like the gold. I love watching this quilt unfold. It's like seeing how your mind puts things together.

  4. I love to see quilts go together this way. Gold is great.


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