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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just a little more progress

Three things to be happy about:
(1) a free football ticket
(2) the distant winter sun
(3) the feel of fleece

At the craft fair Saturday there was a sweet quilter from Bowie, Marilyn Mowatt, who had put fleece on the back of her baby quilts... just the top and the fleece back with no batting.  I had an "ah-hah!" moment - why not do the same with my super-duper Christmas quilt?  Since it will only be used in December anyway, the fleece wouldn't be too warm.  I called my LA but she's never done it and wanted to research it a bit, so I'll just do the usual with this quilt to save time.  But sometime soon I'll try that top/fleece combo on my own with a smaller quilt! 

Since my last post I've only made one more block... Remember me mentioning a basket block embellished with candy canes?  Well, this is it, sort of.  It's a paper-pieced block from EQ but I made it rectangular rather than square, then I decided I didn't like the handle so I eliminated it.  Looks sort of like a vase, doesn't it? 

After piecing the bottom part, I cut background fabric for the top and appliqued the candy canes, then joined the two pieces.  To make the candy canes I started by sewing alternating strips of red and white fabric together.  Then I drew the candy cane shapes on fusible web, placed them on the back of the fabric and cut.

This angel block was in a box in my sewing room; I think I made it back in the spring but never did anything with it.  I figured it'd go well with my Christmas quilt so I tossed it in. 

I was trying to make it tall enough to join with another block, so I put the little piece at the bottom... that's a nostalgic Christmassy street scene between the green pieces. 

Then I decided to join it to a different piece, and I wanted to make it wider by adding the red and white - yuck!  I think I could have made this combination work if I had placed the side on first (minus one diamond!), then put the bottom border all the way across. 

It looks a bit choppy as is, especially with the piece I meant to join it to, so I removed that diamond piece.  I think I can still use this angel, but with a different set of blocks!

Here's one combination that I want to show you, they're coming right along...

Santa, deer, churn dash blocks, and cute rocking horse!

I've reached the point now where I need to take careful measurements, add a piece here, shave a bit there.  I also need to decide which orientation my new blocks will be - vertical or horizontal.  I still don't have my house!!

That's all for now, enjoy your Tuesday - sew forth and sew on!


  1. It's all working smoothly - it's the process that is the joy - take your time till you are happy.

  2. Your Christmas quilt is looking lovely and coming along so quickly. Good for you. My long arm quilter recently talked to my guild regarding minky &/or fleece as backings. She says it works best, for her, to use NO batting, and to have the quilting be a larger, less dense design. So, on a Halloween quilt that I made, I did NOT put in batting and did large, freeform swirls. It came out great.

  3. Your Christmas quilt is coming right along. I use fleece as a backing quite often, Especially for my baby quilts, And I don't use batting with the fleece. I have one I snuggle under when I'm doing the couch potato thing.

  4. Hang in there. You will get there with this quilt.


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