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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doing the happy dance

"She ran to her mother's bedside. "Look, look!" she cried. "A Christmas gift, a gift from the good Saint Nicholas!" And she danced again in her little bare feet."
- Francis Jenkins Olcott, "Little Piccola"

When you're happy do you dance, or do you just grin a lot? Me too!

My neighbor Mike is traveling to the Dominican Republic today for 5 days and he left me -- ME -- in charge of his Christmas lights!!  See that little remote in my hand?  Well, I can turn his lights on and I can turn them back off... from inside my house if I want to!  I was grinning!

He has icicles that sort of cascade on and off, kind of a pretty effect.  But then he added some big ole candy canes that blink and colored lights that wink, partly draped over the railing as if he stopped decorating right in the middle. ??

Whatever.  Anyway, for 5 days I have the POWER to control all of that... AND he's bringing me a rum cake back from the Dominican Republic, how scrumptious is that!  Oh man, I hope they don't "import" them from someplace here in the States!

I was grinning  and doing the happy dance Saturday at guild meeting... I was gifted this ginormous bag of scraps by a friend.  Take a look at this pile!
You can't even see them all but there are strings and strips and chunks and hunks... just the way I like em!  And she also included a few scraps sewn together, crumb style!
The perfect beginning for something scrappy!

And at guild I won this prize in the Christmas Song Quiz!
There was a package of quilt clips, a roll of 8 fat eighths and a package of 6 fat quarters.  That green is perfect for Bonnie's Easy Street mystery!

The Christmas song quiz was a lot of fun, you had to read the sentence and name the song.  Here are a few: "The apartment of 2 psychiatrists" (Nutcracker Suite).  "Frozen precipitation commence" (Let it Snow).  "Our fervent hope is that you thoroughly enjoy your yuletide season" (We Wish You a Merry Christmas).  And last but not least: "Leave and do an elevated broadcast" (Go Tell It On the Mountain). 

It was fun, the ladies who put the games together did an excellent job!  In case you want to see the song list,  here's the link:  http://www.santalady.com/xmasgame/quiz2.html 

Well that's all for now, have a great Wednesday.  Got a bit of running around to do today, maybe moving fast will help me stay warm!  Sew forth and sew on...


  1. I love those types of Christmas party games.
    How fun with your neighbors lights. heheheee
    Great prizes, congrats,

  2. Lots of fun at you finger tips right now!

  3. You have control... Love it!!!! Love the green! I can't wait to see what you do with that! you're making em want to go through my scrap bins!

  4. Hi Linda, Erin here from Sew at Home Mummy!
    For the Swap sign up, you have to scroll down to find the 'submit' button; those on tablets/ipads seem to be having troubles, but you should see a scroll bar on your desktop computer.
    Cheers! Looking forward to the sign up,

  5. Did your mother ever tell you to stop playing with the lights? Well I guess you get to play all you want now. Green must be the color, because I got green fabric too, put (I can remember her name)asked if she could switch with me for my green. Darn I should have keept it, I forgot about Easy Street.

  6. If my husband finds out that there are remotes for Christmas lights, I've had it! He will want one for sure!
    Congratulations on the wins! Lucky you!


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