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Sunday, December 2, 2012

A pause just because...

Three things to be happy about:
(1) good friends
(2) good food
(3) good times!

Thanks everybody for your congrat on my blogiversary, it really sneaked up on me.  I've enjoyed having you visit my blog, and I've had fun with my list of three happy things - there are lots more to come!

Is there anything better than a craft fair?  I mean, besides a quilt show of course!

Yesterday Charlene and I went to the Mt. Ranier craft fair where Sondra ("Sandy," on the left), a fellow guild member, had a booth.

She had some great items for sale, including small quilts, fabric bowls, purses and wallets.  You can visit her blog at http://sondrahassan.wordpress.com/

Merinda Evans had crocheted items and some great dancing girl magnets, cleverly hand painted and "dressed" in African skirts, shawls or head wraps. 

I got that cute purple and yellow one, second from the right.   And hey, she has an etsy shop!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/mamamerinda

There was an artist there, Cynthia Paige Gossage, who had the most gorgeous wall hangings and journal covers - all hand finished, of course!  Most of the hangings and covers were cleverly beaded and embellished, I was drooling over them. 

She has items in the Textile Museum gift shop.

Aren't these knitted hats cute?  And don't you need a lantern made from large tomato cans?

One reason I like craft fairs is because of the great variety you see there - anything from tree ornaments to shawls to art prints to quilts to leather goods... and don't forget the beeswax lotions and hand creams!  Jewelry was a big item, and there was even a vendor selling chocolate truffles (I resisted them!)  We talked with a nice quilter from Bowie, Marilyn Mowatt, who had some really cute baby quilts.  Of course, there's no way I can show you everything there, but believe me, there was an interestng mix of stuff. 

Hangings by Cynthia Paige Gossage

fabric bowls by Sondra Hassan
 After the craft fair we had lunch at the Silver Diner in Greenbelt and popped into JoAnn's for some of the on-sale fleece.  On the concourse this little guy was doing a super job of caroling on his  keyboard...
He had a very strong, pleasant voice for such a little guy!

What could we do after that, but strut on home?  It was a pleasant afternoon and I'm glad we both paused... just because!

Have a great Sunday, sew forth and sew on til later!


  1. Looks like you had a variety of eye candy!

  2. That sounded like a fun event. Happy blogoversary!

  3. WoW, look like y'al had a full day. And it was good to Sondra, I always miss her when I'm at home and visiting the guild.

  4. I think I am hanging out with the wrong bunch. The crafter's "maker faire" I went to yesterday with my Scouts was full of electronic inventions that flashed lights and made noise!


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