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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Friends, food and fun!

2012 raffle quilt!
 And at yesterday's guild meeting there was lots of it!  December's meeting always has two staples:  the Christmas party and drawing the raffle quilt winner.  This year's winner was Cynthia Fellows-White of Wichita, Kansas - congratulations Cynthia! 

Everybody in the guild sells tickets and we BUY our tickets (I bought all of mine this year!), but I'm always glad when someone outside the guild wins the quilt.  When we called her she was over-the-roof happy!  She said she never wins anything, so that makes it even more special with this being Christmas time.  It starts me wondering though... since she's from Kansas, where did she buy the ticket?  Was it at a quilt show? directly from a guild member? at the Chantilly Sewing Expo a couple months ago??  Something to ponder!

There was lots of show n tell!

I can't possibly show everything, this is probably 1/4 of the lovely pieces our ladies had to show!  The last piece is by a visitor who is a new quilter - pretty!

Lots and LOTS of food!

Talk about a groaning board!!!  Did you notice my food shots are larger than the quilt shots?  hmmm.....

We also had door prizes, winners of the table centerpieces (didn't get a picture, darn!) games (of which
I was a winner) and just a really good time!

Thanks for letting me share my day with you, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Sew forth and sew on til later.



  1. Isn't it about the food? Looks like a great group and all had fun.

  2. That was a wonderful day. I wish I had been there.

  3. h my that looks like so much fun! Love ll the quilts, especially the large single amish-block one in solids. LOVE -LOVE that one! Congrats to the quilt raffle winner!

  4. Great pictures Linda, I told anyone who reads my blog, to come here to see the pictures.


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