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Thursday, August 9, 2012

stars and stripes

Three things to be happy about:
(1) the newspaper's fun stuff
(2) watching DVDs all afternoon
(3) Ferris wheels at sundown

I was looking for something in my stash when I saw this zip lock bag full of  9-1/2" string blocks; I must have chosen that size because of the deli sandwich paper I sewed them to.  I remember making these blocks when I didn't want to do a specific project but I wanted to sew; then I put them in my "parts department," to be used as needed. 

'Scuse me while I run upstairs to take a count ... I'm back.  There are a total of 71 blocks, with the paper still attached.

I want to make a full size quilt but I don't think that's quite enough, so I thought - stars and stripes! I'll make wonky stars and alternate them with the stripes, how kewl is that?!

I cut nine 4" squares for the background, then I cut four more 4" squares and cut them once on the diagonal to make the points.  After sewing the points on at an angle, I trimmed the square back down to 4" then sewed the 9-patch block together in rows. 

I made one test block with white background and colored/patterned points, and one exactly opposite - colored background with white points.

What's your opinion on which one to use?   White background/dark points...

or dark background/white points?

If I go with the dark background, each star will be a different fabric, but the fabric will be the same within each block.  I'm sort of leaning towards the one above, because the string blocks are mostly dark.  What do you think?

Here are the two test blocks:

Sew forth and sew on til later, have a great Thursday!


  1. Both of those look great. Why not alternate?

  2. I think both would be great. Glade to see you back on your game.

  3. I would alternate but use a more ivory or ecru background in the lighter one. I think the white is too stark with the darker strips. Just my opinion!!!

  4. I vote for both too ... mixed colors plus the white maybe alternated or at a random setting.

  5. Great, I love string blocks. I like the dark background best. You can never have too much color!

  6. I think using both is a good idea...and I agree that you could go more towards the "ecru" coloration than the white. BUT if it was me...I go for the color!!! The orange/red block makes me smile. mdmontalvo@yahoo.com

  7. Love those strips! I bet that deli paper is pretty easy to take off too!

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