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Sunday, August 12, 2012

I swanee...

Why can't I do it up small??

I have a ceiling fan above my bed that's been there for approximately ... I'd say maybe 25-30 years at this point.  I bought the house in 1978 and I believe I had the ceiling fan installed within 5 years after that.  This one can be set to turn on and off with the wall light switch, but I've always had it set for the pull thingie.  Yesterday when I turned it on, you know how the pull thingie pulls out then sorta bounces back into the little hole?  Well, it didn't bounce back; I figured oh well, I'll jiggle it and fix it a bit later. 

Well, this morning I decided to pull it again just to see if it bounced back ... well, it didn't!   What it did was break off at the little hole!

So now my fan is running and running, and I can't turn it off!

An electrician would probably have to send someone out to "take a look at it" and charge me in the neighborhood of $100 just to tell me he can't do it... a handy man could probably figure out how to fix it - the company I use charges $85 an hour - but I think I better cut my losses and just buy a new fan and have it installed.  Sometime between now and November ...

Everybody say it with me - "I SWANEE"!

On a happier note, I went by Costco a couple days ago and I saw this Rachel Ray cooler bag for $9.99 and decided to give it a try for my cold food

It holds just over 10 gallons and has a neat little pocket at the bottom.  Whenever I buy meats and frozen/cold stuff from Costco I either put it in a garbage bag full of ice in the trunk, or I head directly home.  This time I hadn't planned on buying cold stuff because I had other errands to run, but because I got the bag I thought I'd buy meat and give it a whirl.  I had one package of frozen food and two packages of meat that I put in the main zipper part.  My strawberries and Laughing Cow cheese (I love that stuff!) fit neatly in the bottom compartment.

My verdict?  The meats stayed cold!  I give credit for that to the frozen food.  The strawberries and cheese were still cool enough in the bottom compartment so I'm really satisfied with the bag!  It also has pockets on the side where you can put non-food items like magazines and your Kindle.

Well have a great Sunday ... sew forth and sew on til later.


  1. I would say it is time for a new fan. And love the food sack.

  2. I bought a similar bag from QVC a few years ago and it's great! I use it mostly during the summer for grocery shopping. When it was presented on QVC they said it would keep ice cream frozen for up to 4 hours! I've also given several as gifts and everyone loves them.


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