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Friday, August 10, 2012

and now for these messages...

Hey lookit me, I'm at the Olympics!

Actually my sister took this picture of me at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Vegas, last June.  It was the cutest phone booth though - they had an old-fashioned phone hooked up and when you lifted the receiver, it connected you to the sales office for a Beattles show.  Here's the full view:

We had a really companionable time at the senior center yesterday, the hours just flew by!  I took my baggie of string blocks to remove the foundation paper; Charlene and Pat showed us their scrumptious Wickedly Easy quilts (Charlene's just needs to be quilted) that I didn't get a picture of, both made with African fabrics.  I need to make myself one of those; I gave the one I made to my niece!  Charlene is cutting African fabrics for another one - Pat and I both were eyeing her stash!

Ruth brought in three sets of placemats she made using the technique Charlene showed us a few weeks ago.  They were so pretty - she did a great job!

The thing that makes this such a great project?  The placemats were made from fabric donated to the center, some of which has water damage we have to work around... I didn't even recognize some of it!

After we finished admiring Ruth's placemats, she and Charlene collaborated on a new baby quilt pattern from a quilting magazine. (I want to say Quilter's Home but they ceased publication a year ago.)  This lady is on a roll - no quilt dust under her feet!

Meanwhile, at home I'm having a problem that's driving me nutty!  My computer chair has a wee problem that causes it to very  s-l-o-w-l-y lower itself as far  d-o-w-n  as it will go.  I scoot it back up, it goes back down. I think I need to totally disassemble the chair and put it together again but I DO NOT want to go through that! 

It's difficult to work like this; it reaches a point where I feel like the gentleman on the right, for pete's sake!

Thanks to everyone for your comments to yesterday's post, they really helped me think about my quilt layout.  I have a better idea now of the direction I want to go - there's nothing like bouncing an idea off quilters' brains   :o)

Sew forth and sew on til later


  1. If you figure out the chair thing, let me know. Mine at work does the same thing and it is very annoying.
    Love the phone booth! I wish I had pictures of me in one of them when I was in London many years ago. But i was flying solo so I only have a few pictures with me in them.

  2. I love that phone booth picture too. I think you need to travel around the world modeling phone booths.
    Nice lot of progress going on in that group.


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