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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

good decision and a treat

Three things to be happy about:
(1) dining room dimmer switches
(2) ripe slices of cantaloupe
(3) low humidity

Monday I arranged a handyman to come install my new ceiling fan, then I trekked out to Home Depot to get it.  Lots and lots of choices!

I wanted one as close to the old one in style as I could find; naturally I didn't find exactly the same fan because mine is so old, but I found a close approximate.  "Good enough for government work" as they say!

Sometimes it's funny how things work out; Home Depot has an installation service that, I was told by a floor person, would cost something like $120 plus tax to install my fan.  After a certain amount of rigamarole I decided to let my handyman go ahead and do the installation. Good decision!

When he got here I told him what happened and asked if he thought it could be repaired ... yep!  Here's the culprit:
It was a bad pull chain switch that he swapped out and I'm ready to roll!  Total cost: $147 - I figure I saved the $85 I paid for a new fan (which I'll return), so I'm $58 ahead!  I doubt if Home Depot's electrician would have been willing to do anything but install the new fan.

At the fair the other day I got this candy apple because it looked good!  They were making them fresh right there and the smells were heavenly and there were so many varieties ... you know how it is!  

When I got home I was thinking "Now why in the world did I buy this candy apple?  I'm not gonna eat it!"

I cut into it and it looked good ... I tasted it and yum!!!

The tartness of the granny smith apple is the perfect match for the caramel, cashews and dark chocolate!  I think they named this one "Rainforest Crunch" and it may have been the reason I chose this particular one.  Years and years ago, Ben & Jerry's had a Rainforest Crunch ice cream that I fell in love with!  It was a brazil nut crunch in a vanilla ice cream base and man was it good!  They retired it years ago though.  Thank goodness...

I figure this little goodie will last me another three days in the fridge.  That's it for now, tomorrow I'll show you some progress on my Stars and Stripes quilt... oh boy, I can't wait!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. Yay for the fan!

    mmm wish I was there to help with that apple!

  2. I'll tell ya, with the hot, hot weather I'm glad you got your fan fixed. I had some good cantaloupe the other day. Made me smile. i love the stuff! That and a good tomato scream summer to me.


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