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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More blocks pieced

Three things to be happy about:
(1) egg salad sandwiches
(2) souvenirs of your travels
(3) framing a diploma

I pieced a few more "x and +" blocks, and when I looked at what I did I notice I'm still having contrast issues with some of the blocks. 

It's supposed to be a scrappy quilt... but isn't it funny how you can put fabrics together - intentionally letting the colors fall where they may - and sometimes they just don't "mesh"? 

So... I found myself with two choices (1) unsew the blocks I'm not crazy about and try another combination, or (2) leave them alone and maybe they'll get lost in the shuffle at the end.  I opted for #2!

I have a grand total of 9 done so far, and I still don't know how many I want to make yet, it's one of those "whenever" quilts!  I believe somehow I'll "know" when it's time to stop and sew them together.

My Bee's challenge this year for Friend and Family day at the rec center is to use a traditional pieced quilt block (or blocks) from a list the Challenge committee provided.  Paper piecing is okay but we can't have applique or embroidering, and it can't be an art quilt.  I've chosen my block but as usual I can't show what I've done til the event in June.   Not going "arty" is like keeping a horse penned up, I'm used to flying all over the place with my quilts!

Last year's challenge was to make a quilt based on a Motown song, I enjoyed doing my quilt and seeing what take everybody else had on the theme.  Here's the post if you're interested in seeing some of the quilts; I sent mine to someone in Australia for the little quilt challenge  a few months ago.

Since I have to do two community service quilts for a local hospital this year, I might let my Bee entry do double duty again this year.

Well today more of the same - sort a little, cut a little, sew a little - I think I've developed a rhythm!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. I've been doubling up projects too. or I would have 50 things a month going on! Oh, maybe I do? It is going to be a clean up day for me - clear out the months mess and nicely stack that shelf with items for the next month.

  2. Hi Linda,
    to be honest I think the beautiest quilts are scrappy quilts, unique and native. Your blocks are great!
    Liebe Grüße
    Bente- Germany

  3. I agree! Option #2 is the way to go!


  4. I, too, would go with option #2...I mean you never really know how everything is going to look until you get "there", and you can always choose to leave any blocks out that don't feel right to you. BTW....I'm lovin your blocks....and egg salad sandwiches!

  5. LOVE egg salad sandwiches, and I'm ALWAYS a fan of option #2 "lost in the shuffle" LOL! But really, they all look great, it's going to look fabulous when it's done!

  6. Number 2 would be the I would go. The blocks in the picture look great. I've tried a couple times to just put pieces of fabric together but I've never been happy with what they look like but yours look just fine.


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