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Monday, February 20, 2012

Odds and ends, and a little housekeeping

Three things to be happy about:
(1) flat-screen televisions
(2) ice cream toppings
(3) long-lasting batteries

First the odds...

While I was fumbling around in my stash I found a container with all this shredded fabric in it.  I remember rotary cutting some ugly fabric to make slivers no wider than about 1/8" wide when I was doing a spring quiltie swap I was in a few years ago - was it 2010?  It made a nice looking bird's nest - 

but what are the odds of me using the rest of it??  Something in an art quilt maybe?

Now for the ends...

They did finish installing the flooring next door, so I haven't heard any unbearable banging for two or three days, hallelujah!  They delivered and installed kitchen cabinets, they changed the outside doors (although I thought the front door looked just fine ... but what do I know?)  Saturday they were doing something in the second floor ceiling ... quiet, mysterious man-stuff.

Another end... while I wasn't looking Blogger changed the word verification format on the comments, so I'm turning it off.  I like getting your comments but you shouldn't have to jump through loops to leave em!  Of course I never see the words on my own blog but I went to comment on another one and you can't even read the darn thing!   So off it goes... get to steppin'.  I wonder what other little goodies they have in store for us?

And in the housekeeping department...  I'm still sorting and folding fabric, my goal is to get as much of my fabric inside a container as possible.  I've been in some people's sewing room where their stash looks really nice on the shelves, but I have an issue with sun fading.  My sewing room is across the back of my house, where there are 5 windows.  Also, I have a dust issue... where does it come from??

So, nothing you couldn't live without knowing, but there you have it!

Enjoy your Monday - sew forth and sew on


  1. You must have a lovely sewing room with all those windows. Light and airy....

    Construction or re-do is bad enough when you have to endure it in your home,,,but to have it next door...and you won't even be able to enjoy the final benefits of it either... glad it is practically over.

  2. Yes, maybe the worse of the renovations are over and peace will flow over the land. Now they think I;m sick with saving bits of fabric, but I dont' go that far! I keep my fabric under cover too - just think it's better all the way round.

  3. I turned off my word verification a few days and and have gotten 3 spam comments but Blogger caught all three and they were in my spam folder where I deleted them.

  4. Thanks for turning off the new (and horrible) word verification - that thing drives me crazy.

  5. I agree the new word verification is terrible so thanks for turning it off. You have 5 windows in your sewing room?! I only have 6 windows in my whole house.

  6. I absolutely loathe that word verification. Sometimes I wonder who comes up with these bright ideas. Thanks for turning it off. I never turned it on my blog -- just taking my chances.

  7. Somehow your shreds made me smile! What will happen on March 1 here in blogger may be interesting...???


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