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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I always like that 3rd Saturday of the month

... because it's my quilt guild meeting day! 

Yesterday was another great meeting, I hadn't seen some of the members since November - how time flies!  I couldn't make it to the December meeting and January's was cancelled because of snow.  Here are some highlights from yesterday's meeting.

Our quilter of the month, Cynthia, showed some great quilts yesterday.  I really like this one she holding, which she named "Got Coffee" -
look at those bright coffee cups against that black background ... a winning combination every time!

Here's an art quilt by Donnette I thought was unique:
She called it her "Road Kill" quilt.  See that gorgeous mask?  It's a recycled can!  She says she cleaned up the highway and recycled all in one swoop! 

Here's a closeup of two other masks she did...

so much talent in our guild!

Charley did a Fractured Landscape workshop/demo...

This pattern takes a lot of attention and concentration, but she says she made the demo quilt in the upper photo, in an afternoon! 

Nadine, who recently closed her brick-and-mortar quilt shop, she generously shared dozens and dozens of patterns with us. 
There were 15 unopened boxes - and she has more to bring next month!  It's too bad I don't do any garment sewing, there were some great patterns in there.

We had door prizes, good food and good fun.  It was a pleasant day and a wonderful meeting, everyone had a great time catching up with each other (you could tell by the noise volume!).   Nancy Meier and Carol Roberts from Faithful Circle Quilters stopped by to sell tickets for their 2012 raffle quilt “Stars in Bloom."  I didn't get a picture but you can see it on their website but believe me, the picture doesn't do it justice.  It's a beautiful quilt!

But what would a guild meeting be without following up with a meal someplace?  Felicia (The Slow Quilter), Pat, Carolyn, Charline and I went to the Golden Corral... you gotta like that place, especially if you care enough to go on a Saturday afternoon!  Wall to wall people, eeeeyow!  There must have been several groups there yesterday, including a high-school basketball team ... ask me how we guessed, LOL.

So that was my day, it was a good un ... sew forth and sew on til later

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  1. Great picture of the show-n-tell, since I did not get the pictures.


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