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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Contain yourself!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) the joys of hibernation
(2) plans for a February vacation
(3) creative juices flowing

I like that slogan from The Container Store - Contain Yourself!  I saw these really neat battery storage boxes when I was in there the other day looking for just the right size plastic tub to sort my stash into 

This one holds a dozen AA batteries and it's relatively flat, so I can carry it in my purse.  They also had sizes for D-cell, AAA and that other size, but my camera uses eats up the AA size.  I'm still trying to bring order to my sewing room and I didn't see the container I wanted (JoAnn carries them) but I always get a kick out of looking around in there.

Speaking of order out of chaos, have you ever run across bags and boxes of stuff in your sewing room that you wonder where they came from, but when you put them there Lord knows when, you didn't label them because you were sure you'd remember exactly what was in them?  Me too!

I found these two mysterious baggies a couple days ago, stuffed to the brim...
What? when? why??

I found lots and lots and lots of 2-1/2" squares I cut from African fabrics...

I know I cut these - myself - at some point but now I don't know what project I had in mind when I cut em!  Or was I just cutting squares for the hang of it??  When did I cut this fabric??

And this abundance fell out the other bag...

9 patches!  dozens and dozens of 9 patches made from the prettiest soft colors you ever saw

I counted 122 completed 6" blocks, plus lots and lots of 2-patches, plus other 2-1/2" squares waiting to be paired and sewn.  This bag contains enough 9-patches for a full size quilt!

So, I'm still on a mission to "contain" my sewing room by labeling the mysterious stuff, re-designating or repurposing other stuff and just plain using up what I can! 

Sew forth and sew on


  1. I am always finding stuff in bags that I have "forgotten" Sometimes it is scary.

  2. I seem to be doing the opposite. I put things in bags or boxes and then promptly forget about them. This must be the beginning of the cycle. Good luck with getting organized.

  3. Not only abandoned, but forgotten too! Poor things.

  4. I am scared to even think what I have hinded in my sewing room in all the bags and boxies. I'm just staying away from them until I finish the UFOs I can put my hands on. I suggest we all stay way from unknown boxies and bags.

  5. I laughed, because I am going thru just the same kind of of 'hunt and peck' chore of organizing and using those baggies. The only thing different - They were given to me, I didn't stuff them. I just have been throwing them into a large storage tub - now it's time to use them.

  6. I found a bag full of batik strips in various sizes with a few completed of what appears to be a small cobblestone block. I have no recollection of doing these and can not believe that I cut up that much batik fabric to make them. Usually I put a copy of the pattern with the UFOs but this one did not have anything with it. I love your nine patches. Make something beautiful.

  7. Wow! Great finds, especially the African fabrics already cut into squares. What fun you will have.

  8. Oh, yes.
    I keep hoping that I have photographed all my UFOIs and put the pics in on computer album. That way I don't have to keep pulling the bags out of their box to find out what is in there, just look at the photos. Well, today I found two more that were nicely boxed, but not yet photographed.

    At the beginning of the year I had 24 UFOs. I thought I would try finishing two a month and be DONE. But though I have finished three so far, I have discovered or created SEVEN unfinished projects. I'm wokring like crazy to get the NEW things finished so they don't add up!

    [and I don't think it is funny that my Word Verfication is "defec"!]

  9. that's a lot of work ... but finding your own treasure is a bonus. Either treasures to keep or to pass on, quilts to be made that's for sure.
    I think I have to do the same thing in my space.
    in stitches

  10. And so you have found a treasure in your stash.
    And your name is like min, fantastic.
    ciao ciao Linda


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