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Monday, February 6, 2012

Scrap attack!

... and based on the amount I started with and the amount I have now, it's anybody's guess who's winning!

I've been making string blocks for the Scrap Attack Strings quilt along, and they're so fuss free!

You can't go wrong with string blocks no matter how you make them!  At this point I've done 24 blocks, which puts me way beyond the 2 a week Chrissy was aiming for; I didn't show the 7 untrimmed ones.  As I was looking at them, I had to laugh because I'm still using some of the strips I cut for the Orca Bay mystery...

See this Christmas print, and the alphabets in the back?  I have a good mix going on here! 

And because I was feeling industrious while looking at TV, I sorted some strips by length into containers for the first three positions on the block - immediately next to the white center strip, next to that, and next to that. 

It's a small thing I know, but if I can just reach into a container and know that strip will be long enough for where I want to put it, it'll save a few seconds.  Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, hours become a quilt.  Or UFO, or whatever.

There is to be a linky thingy at the Sew Lux blog once a month, so it should be up any day now.  When they activate it I'll hook up and link to it, so you can see how everybody else is doing.  Have a great Monday!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. OK - I added this to my side bar as I know of other 'stringers' who would love this. I certainly have the scraps!

  2. that looks great, are you using paper or muslin as a foundation?

  3. You go my little scraper, they look great.

  4. Hadn't thought of sorting per position..clever idea...I notice your containers also..I have some of those.....

  5. Color and pattern... Just love it!!!!

  6. Great string blocks. I love making them!

  7. I love your scrappy blocks!! So colorful..

  8. Lovely colors...it will turn out very beautiful!!

  9. Your blocks look great! And look at you organizing your strips! I better get my act together!

    Thanks for stringing along in the Scrap Attack Strings QAL!

    Happy Sewing! :-)


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