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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What to do...

what to do???   I'm being driven off my nut, out of my tree, bananas, off my gourd!! 

What in the world is she talking about??

They're STILL working on the house next door to me and yesterday I felt like I was

There were about 6 men working inside yesterday; among other things they were installing new wood flooring and the noise was louder and more intense than ever before!

All day long, until about 5 pm, there was banging and banging and some kind of continuous buzzzzzzzzzing sound!  Above you see one installer using a skillsaw; that's not the sound I was hearing from inside, it was probably an air cleaner.

At one point I was on my porch and I said something to the guy like "Sounds like you're doing a great job in there!"  Then he asked me if I wanted to see what they were doing.  And, being a nosy inquisitive sort of person, I went inside to take a look...

This is the only picture I took:  standing just inside the front hallway, looking into the living room and dining room.  They've removed the far dining room wall which was technically the back wall of the house (that's probably where all that brick came from a few weeks ago).  The kitchen has been completely dismantled, I think they're moving it out to the enclosed porch area to make a very large kitchen/dining room combination. 

As far as I could tell, they're making what's left of the old kitchen into some sort of large storage area (or powder room), hence all the banging and scraping I've been hearing on the common wall the last week or so. At the same time they were also working in the basement doing who knows what.

So much for that nonsense, I'll keep my nose pressed to the window for more snooping ops or whatever.

I wasn't able to make it to the Red & White, Too artists' reception Saturday but I understand it was very well attended with a positive response!  Here are some more pictures from the exhibit:

"King's Fancy" by Bernerdette King

"Petals on a Pond" by Loretta Tatum
The quilt above is a cutwork technique that Loretta taught us at our 2011 Scrapbagger's retreat in Deep Creek, Maryland.

And last but not least, this beauty was done by Deb Sanger:

"I Heart New York" by Deb Sanger.
 I still have more pictures that I may share later - enjoy your Valentine's Day!

Sew forth and sew on


  1. Holy cow! I thought they were done.
    Did you suggest better sound proofing?
    Those quilts are just super, every one.

  2. I'm of a "curious" sort, too! Yeppers, installing floors is LOUD.

    Hopefully this will all be done quickly. I'm with ya about the loud noise. Hate it.

  3. When I got the information about this show I got very excited. I wanted to go the day of the reception so that I could see you and the other quilt artists. Missed you. Coming down the stairs put you on one end of the room but as soon as I turned around I saw your piece. Wonderful!! I am so happy to say that I know some of the people who made these quilts and this is where I get my inspiration. It was a fantastic and inspirational day. The pictures shared on the blogs just made me want to be there. I wish I could have seen the big show in NY that inspired Carol. This show inspired me and my and others that came with me. I brought 3 cousins and a friend. My friend just signed up for an art quilt class that day. Two men, they don't count. They were just the drivers.

  4. That would drive me nuts. I remember how irritating it was when they built the house next to us, and it's not even attached.

  5. Do you have an mp3 player? You could zone out those sounds with music. I have new respect for red and white quilts. After washing and applying vinegar and washing to stop the reds I have in my stash from bleeding, it seems an impossible feat.


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