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Friday, March 2, 2012

Scrap attack string blocks

Hi all, how'd you like my mini-vacation?  It wasn't done with forethought, but there ya go!

I've been in a "string-y" mood the last two days and I sewed a lot more string blocks.  At my last report (for January) I'd completed 24; for February I've done 52 more... so that gives me a grand total of 76 blocks - wow!  That's a lot more than I thought I'd have done at this point, but sometimes these string blocks are like eating popcorn, you can't stop after just one handful!

I like the way I arranged these with the zig-zag in each row; I may go with this layout for the final design...
I'd like to have put all 56 blocks up, but I can't get all the way to my design wall because my cutting table is directly in front of it.  Anyway, it has so many odds and ends attached, it's sort of like a vertical junk drawer!

I've linked this up with the Sew Lux Scrap Attack QAL - visit their site to see what others are up to!

I've also done another x and + block that I kinda like:

This is the 10th one I've made.  It's funny how quick these go together if you have the pieces already kitted for the block.  I did part of this one before I went to bed Wednesday night, then completed it when I hopped out of bed yesterday, before brekky!

Here's a grouping of the first nine:
looking good!!

Well, that's what I've been up to the last couple days, have a great Friday!  AND, in case there are any, happy belated birthday to our Leap Year birthday bloggers!

Sew forth and sew on...


  1. I really like the zig-zag setting of the strip blocks and your + blocks are coming nicely.

  2. Both sets are looking wonderful! I don't need another project but you're really making me want to start "stringin'" along!

  3. I LOVE both of your projects! Yes the zigzag layout is great (comimg from the zigzag lady!) and I have to try some of the x and + blocks. I think I have a die for my cutter for the corner pieces.

  4. I like the string blocks arranged that way. It gives it movement, in my opinion.

  5. I love the string blocks and the layout. I was just laying out a few yesterday and thought I would make a table runner. Now I think I need more! Thanks, I think.

  6. No...No...No. I am not a stringy type of person...I do not need another project...I can say no and walk away...We will see.

  7. Lovely scraps! Your quilts will be vibrant!

  8. I am loving all the color... So pretty!

    I'm glued to the weather channel. Beading part of tiara i'm making. The handwork is helping to calm the nerves-- my "home" people are in TN... right in the line of fire with this yucky weather. Oy!

    Stay safe.

  9. Oh no not another string project I just have to try. Seriously though I love scrap and string quilts and I have a massive pile of scraps. I love the zig zag layout.

  10. Love the zig zag arrangement of your blocks!

  11. I am loving all these scrappy blocks! Thanks for linking them up!


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