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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Mystery progress and, well...

Three things to be happy about:
(1) scented candles
(2) Christmas movies
(3) the smell of cookies baking

You ever have something that's doing just fine but you want to make it "new and improved"??

Well, the little reminder kept popping up on my PC to get Windows 10 because it's got this and that exciting thing, it has almost the same interface as Windows 8 and it's still free - and who doesn't like something free??

So I took the plunge and downloaded it...

Wish I had left it alone!

I can't see much positive difference between it and version 8, but what I do see among other things is I lost my Outlook mail icon from the Explorer tool bar and don't know how to get it back; when I put my camera chip in the G drive it doesn't open automatically as it used to; I had to re-register my MS Word program; I have to search for the "search" tool ... sheesh!

Long story short, I wish I had left it alone!

Do NOT do this at home!

You can put a custom picture on the start up screen but I might just leave it that way - looks like a sad face.

On a happier note, I started on step two of the Quiltville mystery!

I'm not finished with step one yet because I was doing a lot of running around this week; thank goodness it's not a race!

So far I've made 3 sets of the 20 trapezoid rectangles we need - 17 more to go and they're pretty easy.  I opted for the sew and flip method rather than the Easy Angle/Companion Angle method.

The HST's from Step 1 work just fine as leader-enders while I'm making the rectangles.

I had to unsew lot of the HST units; does anyone else find that some of the Accuquilt strip dies are just a teensy bit narrower than when you cut the pieces by the conventional method?

So these are most of the completed HST's, I've started putting them by batches of 50 into this little box.  It's kinda hard to organize all those clips - perhaps I should have just used pins but I didn't like the way they munched up the units.

Oh well!

Have a great Saturday, it's supposed to be a nice one!

Sew forth and sew on til later...

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  1. My 80+ year old, not computer literate dad did the same thing, and I have been over to his house every two weeks since, trying to figure out how to put back what disappeared. I think it's awful - and I'm a geek at my day job. Good luck


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