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Monday, December 14, 2015

And now the gold!

Three things to be happy about:
(1) beef stew in the crock pot
(2) bread pudding in the crock pot
(3) steel cut oats in the crock pot

The bread pudding didn't turn out so great, it sorta got dry around the edges; but two outta three ain't bad!

Here we are at step 3, adding gold to the Allietare mix - I've been looking forward to the gold!

I cut my golds and neutrals into 4-1/2" strips to get maximum variety!

And, I'm cross cutting into twosies ... for some strange reason when I cut with strip sets facing each other my seam lines would match, but after that first cut -  the edges would skew about 1/8 inch.

So for me, twosies work best - po-tay-to, po-tah-to!

The 3-1/2" rectangles gave me an excuse to cut some of the new fabric I bought on our Lancaster bus trip in October. I think these are so pretty!

I actually went back again a month later because the prices had dropped again - and bought more neutrals!

For this step I've been a busy bee digging through the golds - comparing, rejecting, pressing, cutting - whew!

So here's my progress to date - 30 4-patches done, and all the neutral rectangles are cut!

There's more great stuff on the Allietare Mystery Monday link-up on Bonnie's blog - go check it out!

Get out and enjoy the day, mail out your Christmas cards, sew forth and sew on ...


  1. Love your potatoes! :) Way to go, GF! Those neutrals are fab!

  2. Your neutrals are AMAZING, great buy!

  3. Fabulous little four patches,love the neutrals so pretty and colorful.

  4. Very nice fabrics and great blog name. Something we all do...right?

  5. Now those ARE some fun neutrals!

  6. cute 4 patches and the fabric looks great


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